The daughter of Yulia Nachalova helps her survive the separation

Дочь Юлии Началовой помогает ей пережить расставание Ten-year-old heiress actress always tries to be with the mother and support her after the break with the civil husband. As stated by the girl in the “You wouldn’t believe” on NTV, her mother will all work out, and she will be really happy.

      With the civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov, Yulia Nachalova broke up almost two months ago. Since then, she tries to devote all free time to her daughter. The successor artist does not hide that my mom tells her everything and he sees nothing wrong in the fact that she knew about the family situation. According to Vera, Nachalova doesn’t feel unhappy, but on the contrary, tries to think positively. Ispolnitelja wants her child to be happy and not live in discomfort because of her personal problems.

      Yulia Nachalova get rid of the memories of ex-husband

      Nachalova admits that her daughter Faith is the most important gift in her life. It puts priorities in life so that the child and his interests have been in the first place. The celebrity thinks sad as it believes that relations with Alexander Frolov is outdated and does not have a future. That’s why the singer calmly going through a breakup.

      “Once it happened, so it should be. All that is done, all the better. So mom was crying over this? No. I think mom has the same logic. I wish her New year friends, of love, of course, and happiness,” shared his opinion ten-year-old Faith.

      Julia also said that not trying to ruin the life of a former lover. She didn’t want to start conflict, so I parted with the civil husband peacefully. The only thing she has done is neatly Packed his stuff, and the Express delivery was sent to him in Nizhny Novgorod. The woman is sure that after completion of the relations to store the clothes of a man a little out of place. It should be noted that the actress is eagerly waiting to get back their items of clothing, Alexander has still not sent them to her. “I got in Nizhny Novgorod a lot of things: pretty shoes, jewelry. Me while he didn’t send anything, it goes silent,” said the actress in the program.

      “I think we need to disable the head. I have a child. Here it is important for me. And as the moral for me is more important than the experience of the civil husband with all due respect to him. I’m just not in a hurry, but I hope that love will find me itself,” – said Yulia Nachalova.