Ирина Безрукова заинтриговала снимком без макияжа The woman has published in the microblog photo, which caused a heated discussion among users of the Network. The actress appeared in front of subscribers without a trace of makeup on the face and in multi-national hat on his head. At the moment, the artist rests in South America.

      Irina Bezrukova has posted in the microblog a picture in which was not trying to hide his natural appearance. Currently, the woman is on vacation in Peru, where it prefers to give the person rest and not to use cosmetics. Fans of celebrity was pleasantly surprised by her act, because not every Russian star is ready to put up pictures without makeup. But the 51-year-old actress is not afraid of any criticism, so feel free to shares a similar footage with followers.

      Irina Bezrukov explained why not changing the surname after the divorce

      I must admit that the majority of Internet users made a lot of compliments Bezrukovoj. In their opinion, it still looks spectacular. Someone immediately recognized the woman in the photo Irina. Commentators wrote that the actress is so good that even the lack of makeup on my face does not spoil the impression from her looks, but rather flattering.

      Among users of the Network started a real debate on the topic, how many years, it looks like Irina. Who confidently declares that this picture can be easily confused with a young student, others do not appreciate the artist over 35 years. Anyway, both are more troubled by how Bezrukovoj always manages to look good. In his interview with Irina has repeatedly stated that it has no need to appeal to cosmetologists. The secret to her flawless appearance is good inheritance and active lifestyle.

      “Just a girl. 20 years if not more. I Admire You!”, “The photo you no more 17. Very beautiful”, “You look like a girl! Young, bright and beautiful!” “What a beautiful! His eyes glowing with happiness and appeasement” – left comments with enthusiastic netizens.