Призраки прошлого: почему звезды Голливуда десятилетиями молчали об изнасиловании Among Western celebrities many of those who became victims of their own relatives. Tim Roth suffered from the actions of the mother of his grandfather on the paternal side, the soloist of the band Guns N ‘ Roses raping his own father, the star of “Desperate Housewives” for years concealed information about the harassment of his uncle.

      Призраки прошлого: почему звезды Голливуда десятилетиями молчали об изнасиловании

      The story of a Hollywood star is not unique. A celebrity at an early age are faced with violence where a child should feel safe – at home. And suffered at the hands of formally loved ones. Tim Roth kept for decades of childhood trauma a secret, but he believes it was a mistake.

      “In life can happen anything, – says the actor. – Most importantly, in my opinion, to perceive themselves not as a victim but as someone who managed to survive the encounter with evil. Force to be proud of instead of ashamed of weakness. And the first correct step to this is to not be silent.”

      Hell grandpa

      In 1999, screens out the directorial debut of Tim – the film “war Zone”. The question was not about the war in the literal sense of the word, and the family in which the father raped the daughter. According to the actor, he chose this script because familiar with the subject firsthand. Tim said that in the summer he was sent to the village to relatives, one of whom had used the child to meet the sexual needs. The frightened child did not dare to turn to their parents for help, causing the older man continued with impunity to mock him for several years.

      “It all started when I was seven or eight and ended at eleven,’ said Tim. – Don’t want to name the name of the reptile, the more it died a long time ago”.

      Only recently, the actor found the strength to find the truth. “It was my paternal grandfather – he admitted. He first raped his son, my father, and then switched to a grandchild. Because of him our childhood turned into a nightmare that does not want to remember”.


      Призраки прошлого: почему звезды Голливуда десятилетиями молчали об изнасиловании

      In most cases, children who have suffered such humiliation, too shy to talk about what happened and try to erase it from memory. To anything good it does not.

      “My own father was kidnapped and raped me when I was two years old, says Axl rose, the leader of the band Guns N Roses. – And then did the same with his mother, who came for me. I decided that if you want to be a man, you have to bury those memories. But what I saw then stayed with me. I grew up in the belief that sex is a manifestation of power of one person over another. And that women should not be treated cruelly. This story has forever distorted my view of life”.

      Father Exley was killed when the musician was 22 years old, but until that moment, rose’s younger and didn’t have the guts to find out the relationship.

      But the star of the show “Desperate Housewives” Teri Hatcher gave evidence in court against his uncle is true, many years after it became a victim of his abuse.

      “Uncle started hitting on me in five years and disappeared from my life at eight, but I remember in detail all that he had done, told Teri. I was embarrassed that I even loved him for the compliments and the special attention he has given me. Shame kept me silent, but in 2002, I accidentally found out about the suicide of 14-year-old neighbor girl Sarah. In the suicide note, she wrote that the reasons she did need to ask my uncle. The court had no evidence that he’s a pedophile, was about to close. And I thought: “He molested girls for 35 years. In memory of Sarah I have to make sure that he got what he deserved”. Digging up the past in front of strangers was painful, but now I’m glad I helped put him in prison, where he died.”