The daughter of Stepan Menschikova was urgently hospitalized

Дочь Степана Меньщикова была экстренно госпитализирована Little Barbara was feeling unwell. Eugene men’shchikova admitted to followers that he was extremely concerned for the health of the child. The baby’s temperature rose and began to spasm. After a while Barbara felt better.
Дочь Степана Меньщикова была экстренно госпитализирована

Eugene men’shchikova alarmed fans with the message about the health of his daughter Barbara, which came to light in late December of last year. A young woman concerned about the child’s illness. Baby was feeling unwell, so her mother was compelled to go to the doctors.

According to Eugenia, the barbarian is in a medical facility for four days. Men’shchikova are sincerely concerned for the child. A young woman reported that her baby was convulsing.

“Suddenly out of the blue after a walk started cramping type of muscle spasm – that would, of course, never see or encounter! The child is completely disconnected convulses! I had never encountered before and never seen this. The doctors say that infants have sometimes such a reaction on temperature. The first time we were not. However, we found the SARS virus, developed a fever, and she repeated convulsions!” – said Eugene.

Now the child’s condition has improved. Eugene reported that the last couple of days the barbarians have no fever. Men’shchikova turned to podeschi with a request to share the experience.

Дочь Степана Меньщикова была экстренно госпитализирована“Mommy, who faced? What is this? The reaction of the baby to the virus and the temperature?” perplexed Eugene.

Subscribers menishikova began to discuss the situation in which she found herself. Many wanted Barbara to quickly go on the amendment. “The horror…”, “bless you!”, “If children are prone to seizures, it usually appears in infancy, Patience to you. All will be well,” discussed social media users.

We will remind that not so long ago, Stepan Menshikov announced the breakup with his wife Eugenia. Fans of the couple were extremely surprised by this information. It seemed that relations of the spouses reigns idyll.

Stepan Menshikov about divorce: “I was for Zhenya “reduced ticket” to Moscow”

Дочь Степана Меньщикова была экстренно госпитализирована“Jack decided to live without me. She wants to live without me. I’m tired of saying: “What are you doing – two small children, who need you? Now during a time of crisis – and I tight as an artist, more children to feed. Who will contain you.” Of course I will help, but I don’t. Together it is easier to live. Such clashes happen all the time – as the economy sags, so I’m bad. Well, can not be forced. I was just in a passing ticket to Moscow”, – said Stepan “StarHit”.