Fan of Olga Buzova forced to redo the tattoo of her portrait

Фанат Ольги Бузовой вынужден переделать тату с ее портретом The man supported the star before her concerts. Today, the star will perform in Moscow. Archie was faced with negativity from users, who felt that he was doing this nonsense.
Фанат Ольги Бузовой вынужден переделать тату с ее портретом

Last week, the city stylist Archie, fan of the singer, filled the tattoo with her picture on the forearm of the left hand. The man decided to support Buzova before a solo concert in the Moscow Izvestia Hall on 3 November.

“Olga has long time like me as a person, says “StarHit” image-maker. – She sets a goal and, in spite of everything (criticism, mockery), is seeking them. This inspires me. By the way, was very surprised when Buzova commented on a photo portrait. She liked the idea!

My girlfriend Anna was not against the idea.She even attended with me in the cabin. Friends joked that Anya will talk me out of it or is not allowed to beat a tattoo. However, there is no. Nice that a loved one supports you in all your endeavors, even more unusual.

I regret that I chose a bad master: dissatisfied with the result. Olin portrait turned out not to end like the original from the image. Plan a month to go to another tattoo artist.

Began to attack the haters after publication. Had to close the profile in Instagram. Users napisyval: “Boy, why are you doing nothing?” But I don’t respond to their feedback. Let them follow their lives and actions. And what happens in the mine should not concern anybody.”

Yesterday there was a concert Buzova in Saint-Petersburg. The performance of Olga was her parents. “Thank you for the emotions you gave me! How can I not want you to leave. I’m happy that you’re with me, this the most important moment of my life! Thanks for the support! I know it is you my strength! It is you now the meaning of my life! I love you,” thanked the singer’s fans in the microblog.