Miguel put a cross at work with Alla Pugacheva

Мигель поставил крест на работе с Аллой Пугачевой Famous choreographer and Director explained to reporters why no longer working with the Diva. As it turned out, the artists realized that they were too different, so I decided to abandon the joint projects.

Mentor of the TV show dancing with the stars, Director and producer Miguel recently introduced immersive performance “Faceless” in Saint-Petersburg. On the eve of the show performances are in the space on the Palace embankment, he met with journalists to tell them about his work, relationships with Alla Pugacheva and the business of life.

In 2004, Miguel decided to try his hand in the fifth season of the TV project “star Factory”. Charming and artistic young man is not only popular among the channel viewers, but also won the sympathy of Alla. Then Diva was the artistic Director of the program. The star singled out Miguel out among the other guys, and they called him a favorite Pugacheva. Over time, the ways of celebrity and “industrialist”, sold. Miguel told reporters how it happened.

“I was the Director of her latest, “Christmas meetings” and suddenly “came upon a wall of misunderstanding”, as the heroine said Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko in a film “Love and pigeons”. Pugacheva just did not hear me, and after work I thanked her and said, “Alla, that’s it, never again.” At the final Banquet it in the presence of all the artists made a toast in my honor: “You’re cool, but too ultramodern for me. And you were supposed to understand it. Thank you very much”. I have many eyes in that moment twitched”, – said the dancer.

In addition, Miguel was familiar with Lyudmila Gurchenko. The legendary actress left the artist a lot of good memories. According to star, work with Lyudmila Markovna – a pleasure.

“She was open to everything new, in his seventy-five years, insisted that all the stunts to perform on its own without a stand”, – says the young man.

During the meeting with journalists the actor also remembered the turning point in his life. Many years ago, Miguel was fired from the musical “Romeo and Juliet”. According to the dancer, he missed not a rehearsal, because he had transportation problems. Then Miguel lived far from the center of Moscow – in the village of Krasnaya Gorka, which is located near Mytishchi. The train was suddenly cancelled, and the young man was not able to join my colleagues at the appointed time.

“This event gave me the incentive to go to the next level: I started working as a choreographer and dancer, particularly on the First channel “star Factory”, – quotes the journal of Miguel “the Dog”.