The representative of the spouse of the Dzhigarkhanyan cancelable divorce

Представитель супруги Джигарханяна допускает отмену развода Became known new details of the scandal between spouses. According to the official representative Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, Arthur Soghomonyan demanded that the woman left Russia.
Представитель супруги Джигарханяна допускает отмену развода

Today in the press center of the information Agency “national News Service” held a conference on the theme: “the Future of the Dzhigarkhanyan theater. The consequences of a scandal”.

The conflict between the people’s artist of the USSR Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and his wife, Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya acquires new details. In late October, appeared in the media information about the alleged forcible seizure of the Moscow dramatic theatre headed by Armen Borisovich. The information came from the press Secretary of the institution Natalia Korneeva, which filed to the Investigative Committee about the seizure of the theater. Korneev together with the official representative Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya Elina Mazur told about what is happening now in the theatre, as we now live Vitalina and Armen Borisovich why the woman resigned from the post of the General Director has told about new details of the sensational stories.

“We agree to accept even a divorce. Sister Armen Borisovich Marina demands the return Dzhigarkhanyan in the family,” said Mazur.
Представитель супруги Джигарханяна допускает отмену развода

According to Elina, father Vitalina Victor V. Tsymbalyuk fairly wealthy man who owned the assets in the company, dealing with minerals in Ukraine. The man helped his daughter, transferred the money from Kiev to Moscow. “She destroyed Soghomonyan. She’s not going to leave Russia. Vitalina will stay here and teach music to kids. None of the apartments had not been donated. All apartments were purchased in her name. Armen Borisovich has not allocated funds for the purchase of apartments. Mercedes also bought with her money. A mortgage – the total amount of 10 million,” said Mazur.

“Arthur Soghomonyan was required to leave Russia Vitalinu. And in the theater cashed some money Bank Soghomonyan,” – said the official representative of the Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

According to the spokesman of the theater Natalya Korneeva, Armen Borisovich lives at work for 10 days. An elderly man sleeps on the couch, hiding behind the blanket. Friends of the actor to him is not allowed.

“I feel sorry for him. He lived in excellent conditions, great family. His Vitalina drove to the resorts, and what he now has become. Armen Borisovich did not wash these days. He is insulin dependent person, and absolutely not a diet. We pass him food on a plate through trusted people”, – said Korneev.

According to Mazur, it will not be Armen Borisovich in divorce proceedings. It will protect the interests Vitalina and sister of actor Marina Borisovna Dzhigarkhanyan.

“Marina strongly against divorce. I can’t say for sure whether divorce 9 November or not. Armen Borisovich in a rather bad physical shape. I think that the public will help, and we will save the famous actor,” – said the official representative of the Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya Elina Mazur.