The daughter of Sergey Babayev: “I was upset when dad called fat”

Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым» The successor to host “Good morning” on “the First channel” has given his first interview. Liza Babaeva told the “StarHit” why my father does not go to the movies with her, like protecting her brother and that offends her.
Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»

With the onset of spring weekend family Sergey Babaev holds at the dacha outside Moscow. “Ride there on bicycles – we have four of them, says 11-year-old Lisa. – I, along with mom and dad planted dill, Basil, peas, raspberry… a Week ago did the bulk of the track. Mom offered to help, but I refused – I wanted. “All father,” she sighed. And it’s true – my dad is very independent. And we have the same noses”.

Harmful children

Lisa, summer is coming, what are you doing for the holidays?
Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»We might go the sea – to Montenegro or Bulgaria. I was there last summer, loved it. However, there are also disadvantages: the food was too salty and the Russian people are not very good – like a crooked look at us… And if the sea does not, in the country we live, to the river walk. Dog walking – we have a Shiba inu named Pandi.Review of the Pope: “she, by the way, we started after much persuasion, Lisa and her promises that she would walk their pet. But a week later after the appearance of Pandi daughter was too lazy to Wake up early to take her out. And the dog non-friable – 12 kg, it’s too much responsibility for the little girl.”—
You went in the 5th class. Like school?
Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»Not really, our class is a strict teacher. Even if we assume in dictation one blot, it is still “four” supply, not “five.” It’s a shame, I worked so hard! At school there are naughty children – one boy me three years ago said that my dad was fat, I was very upset and took away his candy for it. But English lessons in love – there is a funny teacher, he allows.

Dad helps with homework?
Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»Yes, just before the interview, I had the diagram in the textbook to construct a sentence with subject, predicate, and secondary members. Daddy suggested. However, he sometimes starts to rush me and saying, “now, stop patagonica, let’s quickly do your homework!” And then I resent the Comment of his dad: “Well, Lisa’s pouting long lips puffed out, for a few moments turns away from me, but then forgets a grudge. As it happens, I’m going in “Ostankino” on the night shift, a daughter and a wife begin to send the phone puzzles that Lisa asked. The girls are lazy, but it is easy for me – in between filming solve the puzzle”.

Familiarity with Santa Claus

Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»
In free time from school doing?
Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»I like to draw. Depict mostly little girls, and somehow my dad’s portrait sketched: it turned out he seemed to enjoy. Maybe I’ll become a artist when I grow up. Even toys made of felt roll, goops of glue sculpt figures from polymer clay making a… dad go to the movies. However, from the sessions of the cartoons he refuses, so the “Boss-sucker,” which recently came out, I watched one.Review of the Pope: “the Pope does not go to the cartoons, because he adult movies lately asleep, and even on children – and even more so. As for the future of the profession daughters… Painters, of course, at all times, were mostly men, and it is not easy in this area to break. But I’m sure his daughter would make a great interior designer, plots, clothing, anything.”—
And to be the presenter, as a dad, I don’t want?
Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»I never thought about it. Probably not. I like how it looks with the screen, we every day with his mother watching. But I never wanted to be a celebrity. However, dad sometimes takes me to work. Last year, for example, went before the New year by shooting in the Great Ustyug. I met Santa Claus! He gave me a doll, Cleo, I have long dreamed of.—
Your brother Nikita 17. Make friends with him?
Дочь Сергея Бабаева: «Я расстроилась, когда папу назвали толстым»Everything. Sometimes, and bicker. He likes to squeeze Pandi on the bed, and at home it is forbidden – in bed the dog is not the place. I say to Nikita, “why are You doing this? Parents not allowed!” Well, get sometimes is: my brother a lot. But still we are friends – he protects me. At school one boy interjected, I came home upset. Nikita asked, what’s the matter, I told my Brother the next day, approached the offender, said something to him, and he hasn’t hurt me again. Frightened, I guess – Nikita almost two meters tall.Review of the Pope: “When children sit at the table, other then shove, then tickled. And in the evenings to aboltins can’t. I have to get up at five, but they to an hour of chanting behind the wall. Sometimes, barks: “You ever going to calm down?”—
No more, daddy you voice improves?
He is kind and almost never gets angry. Even for poor grades did not scold. On the contrary, says: “Why be upset? Just think, three…” I Love him for it – he always understands me.