Friends new lover amber heard begging him not to marry her

Друзья нового возлюбленного Эмбер Херд умоляют его не жениться на ней Billionaire Elon Musk was waiting for reciprocity from the actress for almost four years. However, the environment encourages him to abandon the idea to associate with her life.
Друзья нового возлюбленного Эмбер Херд умоляют его не жениться на ней

In mid-may people from an environment of 45-year-old inventor billionaire told journalists fears about his affair with 31-year-old actress amber heard. According to them, if something goes wrong, it will go with Elon as well as with her ex-husband johnny Depp, which is when divorce has lost $7 million, balances mental health and reputation of a decent man.

“No one is saying that amber lied when he accused johnny of domestic violence – explain the friends Mask, implying that many people think so. But we’re worried about Ilona: he’s attractive production for women with adventurous nature”.

Their concern is touching, but Musk has already proved that he can easily stand up for themselves and their $15 billion.

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Друзья нового возлюбленного Эмбер Херд умоляют его не жениться на ней

Elon and amber confirmed the rumors about the affair in April, reached for the handle on a reserve in Australia. The actress was there on business, and the businessman for this walk came from another continent.

They started the story much earlier, back in 2013, when both starred in the film “Machete kills”. Joint scenes they had, the Mask had to ask Director Robert Rodriguez introduce him to the actress.

“If you planned a party or other event with the participation of miss Hurd, I would be curious to meet her, – he wrote to Rodriguez. – They say she’s smart, well-read and loves books by George Orwell. I find it unusual.”
Друзья нового возлюбленного Эмбер Херд умоляют его не жениться на ней

Rodriguez Ilona was invited to dine with the crew, however, amber who really had an affair with johnny Depp, at the Banquet did not come. The mask is not discouraged: he would not have created dozens of successful companies, if they had the habit to pass in the event of a failure. “Tell miss Hurd, I invited her to lunch in Los Angeles, was written in the next letter. – Emphasise that this is not a date. I know she is in a committed relationship, I just want to talk with an interesting woman.”

At the time Elon was relatively free: his passion amber had a break between the first and second marriage with actress Talulah Riley. At the meeting, the businessman has conquered amber what appeared to be a lover and connoisseur of Shakespeare. It seemed to Mask even more beautiful and intriguing than he was told. All his life he had a weakness for bright blondes, who can and love to read what’s in Hollywood seems almost a perversion. However, amber explained sleeping knight they are willing to sacrifice the relationship with johnny, even for Shakespeare, and fifteen billion. Looking closely to this pair, Elon decided that it makes sense to wait. And to brighten this process a second time married Talula.


By July 2016, and Elon, and amber sank the family boat. For twice razvodovskaya the businessman, it has become customary, but the actress definitely needed the support. Elon immediately started taking her to restaurants, invited to visit home though, even in the office when she wants, and gave the keys to his beach Bungalow in Miami. To his surprise, amber settled there with her sister. Probably at some point her eyes got published in a glossy magazine memories of his first wife Justine, which forced the actress to think seriously about the prospects of relations with Elon.

Among other things, the mother of five children Mask wrote that he wants smart women to repaint them in platinum blonde, to forbid them to make a career and to deny the right words.

“I was surrounded by companions of rich men whose life goals were limited to maintaining the beauty, shopping and housework, wrote the first Mrs. Musk. All other ambitions men are considered to be unnecessary and inconvenient. After the thirtieth old wife were replaced by young”.

Even Justin told me how after the wedding, Elon made her sign a contract where tricky legal language stated that in the divorce, she will receive a minimum of and will not be able to challenge this. Fortunately for women, the lawyer found the contract a loophole and defended its rights, but to repeat the mistake of the Masks were clearly not going. For the ambitious and free-spirited amber is marriage not an option, but in all other respects intelligent, eccentric and scary rich is Elon seemed to be a real boon. There was something to think about.

In January 2017, after the divorce showdown with johnny, amber decided.

“On the wave of euphoria she is confident that she can handle any situation, told of a friend of the actress. – In the Christmas amber buzzed us about Ilona all ears.”

According to the official, the visit to the altar are not included in the plans. Both supposedly still recovering from a divorce and trying to keep the relationship under a gentle friendship with additional options. However, in April, David Hurd, said: “the Daughter wants to get married and have children. They are Elon configured to create families.”

Two weeks before this revelation, amber felt bad for the awards for philanthropy and fled from the hall. The statue for it was a model and actress Cara Delevingne. In Hollywood rumor has it that the new Mask may be born earlier than everyone assumes. This itself concludes that the sudden and unusual amber talk about the family are forced. This sequence of events, and alarmed ones. Their calculators burn when you try to calculate what it will cost for a divorce against amber in the presence of children.