In the network appeared the first photos of Anna Sedokova with the father of her child

В Сети появилось первое фото Анны Седоковой с отцом ее ребенка Most recently, the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” became a mother for the third time. Andrey Kovalev not only talked about who is a beloved actress, but also hinted at the impending wedding. According to him, the celebration will be held in August.
В Сети появилось первое фото Анны Седоковой с отцом ее ребенка

Anna Sedokova birth to a son Hector just a few weeks ago, but already back in operation. A young woman actively supports, shows fans pictures of a newborn heir, but about the relationship with the father of the child to speak in no hurry. Long time star even hid the name of the chosen one, but fans of the singer have guessed that they became Artem Komarov. The theory about the supposed lover confirmed a close friend of the couple, Andrey Kovalev. He posted a joint picture of new parents, accompanied by his unequivocal comment.

“It’s nice that Ann and Tom together and happy. With my light hand! A year ago I introduced them at one event. Now grows a little Hector to be married! Waiting for them a long and happy life!” – told the artist.

Recall Sedokova was twice married: both spouses young woman gave birth to daughters. However, to preserve the relationship she could not, therefore, behind the stars two divorces. The artist herself has repeatedly admitted that she was unlucky in personal life. Now the posts on Instagram and an interview with actress overflowing with tenderness towards the elect and the children.

“In August, Anya and Artem will be a wedding. Today he will make her an offer. Artem promised to marry me back in the day when I introduced them,” – said Kovalev “StarHit”.

The assurances of Andrew, it was he who persuaded a young father to legitimize the relationship with the artist. We will remind, Artem 25 years, he engaged in business and is a Board member of major Russian companies. A man raising a child from a previous relationship. He is younger than Anna for 9 years, but lovers do not mind the age difference.

Fans were delighted, because their guesses were confirmed. Under the post Andrei Kovalev in Instagram immediately accumulated the congratulatory messages to the happy couple. She Sedokova is in no hurry to comment on this news: now the young woman tries not to advertise his personal life. Where and when will be her wedding, not yet reported.