Дочь Павла Воли и Ляйсан Утяшевой сделала их день «великим» One-year-old Sophia learned to walk independently, as well as photograph. Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva’re thrilled with the achievements of his successor. The star couple enjoys sharing events in the lives of children.

      Дочь Павла Воли и Ляйсан Утяшевой сделала их день «великим»

      In may, the daughter of Paul Will and Laysan Utyasheva Sofia was a year old. The star couple also grows year-old son Robert. The couple are happy to share with fans the success of their children. Today in the family of a showman and gymnasts was a joyful event to which Paul and Rosie couldn’t tell on the Internet.

      “It’s the first one which was made by my daughter Sophia. Also today, she went. Itself, without a handle, without help. Good luck, daughter. Walk tall, dear, and daddy’s hairy legs will walk around if you have time for your quick young feet. With God, beautiful! A great day,” proudly said Paul to all my subscribers.

      Utiasheva also hastened to publish to the microblog, which made his daughter. Many subscribers came to love that one-year-old girl made such progress.

      “Congratulations on this wonderful event. All the best to you and bright”, “Sofia good! Already quite Mature. Congratulations, you understand what a big day for you”, “This is wonderful news for parents! Congratulations, Paul, and keep in mind these touching moments” – do not skimp on the kind words and wishes of the followers of celebrities.

      Despite the fact that Paul and Laysan quite often tell me about their children, the fans are still waiting for the star couple will show the faces of the heirs. However, parents are not in a hurry to attract public attention to the kids. While fans are satisfied with only a verbal description of Robert and Sofia.

      “Son of a dark – complexioned, blue-eyed, with light, like Pasha’s hair. He is crazy handsome. And now starts to look like what I dreamed of all your life – the dimple on her cheek, like my mother. Sofia – bead. Hair blonde, like Pasha, the black eyes, bony face, very neat nose, and eyelashes black, fluffy and long – reach eyebrow,” – told about their children Rosie, noting that the son and daughter are absolutely not similar to each other both appearance and character.

      Laysan and Paul are very happy that the son is trying to help parents in the upbringing of the younger sister. While utiasheva doing house chores, Robert tries to entertain Sophia. The girl takes the joy of playing with his brother.

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