Экс-супруга Прохора Шаляпина рассекретила имя нового избранника Larisa Kopenkina shared her happiness with fans. Scandalous ex-wife of singer Prokhor Chaliapin found happiness with a new boyfriend. His name she showed to fans in a social network.

      Экс-супруга Прохора Шаляпина рассекретила имя нового избранника

      Over the past three years no one famous Metropolitan businesswomen Larisa Kopenkina have achieved the impossible – now her name is known all over the country. All thanks to the bright, but short-lived marriage with Prokhor Chaliapin. The controversial artist has tied the knot with a woman who has the perfect settings, it’s much older than him.

      The divorce of the actor and his wife were accompanied by a succession of conflicts and mutual claims. The former husband and wife went on a popular talk show where ecstasy criticized each other. While the whole country watched the life of Chaliapin, the popularity Kopenkina was gaining momentum. Larissa has become a real Internet celebrity. In only one Instagram she has forty thousand subscribers. Basically, these are people that strongly support my pet and admire her.

      The news that businesswoman has a new follower, excited the public. Larissa long kept secret personal life, just making it clear that she is doing well. Finally, the moment came when the star revealed the name of the one who gives her armfuls of flowers and brightens up her leisure.

      Kopenkina posted on his page in Instagram photo, another pleasant surprise from the mysterious gentleman. It was a cake in the shape of two hearts, one of which was written the name “Lara” and another “Elijah”. Thus, the businesswoman no longer hide who is courting her.

      “Ne’er was, and such would remain, but the Magician appeared immediately changed me,” poetically wrote in microblogging four years. Fans were happy for the star. They gladly commented on changes in her personal life.

      The phenomenon of Larissa Kopenkina: how to become a star, not applying to this effort

      “Beauty is unreal! May God give immense happiness, true love, all the light and good”, “good luck in everything, let every day be full of good surprises! You are great”, “You got prettier lately! Everything is super,” “Give a new marriage”, “How many do you have any poems, jokes! You are always positive! Bravo,” wrote the followers of Larissa.

      By the way, four years does not hide his age. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” she admitted that was his seventh decade.

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