Анна Калашникова чуть не лишилась родителей Mom and dad are celebrities have an accident. Miraculously, the people closest to Anna Kalashnikova is still alive. Star dropped everything and came to the scene as soon as I heard about it.

      Анна Калашникова чуть не лишилась родителей

      Anna Kalashnikova today, experienced a real shock. Her beloved parents have been in an accident. Mom and dad stars live out of town and today went to the machine shop. On the turn they crashed into a KAMAZ and nearly claimed the lives of the people closest celebrity. Anna, on hearing this, he dropped everything and came to the scene.

      “I am terribly scared for my parents when dad was wrapped, it almost drove KAMAZ, which flew with a mad speed and could not cope with the management. The car was damaged, thank God, your parents all right. I came as soon as I heard. We drew up the documents and went”, – told the “StarHit” Anna.

      Not so long ago Anna Kalashnikov has experienced a real blow of fate. Her fiance Prokhor Chaliapin ruined the wedding, when the program “Let them talk” was conducted by examination of DNA. It turned out that one-year-old son Daniel is not his first heir. Prokhor could not forgive the lies beloved and canceled the celebration, although the lovers had very little time before the wedding.

      Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

      Anna is very worried about the attitude of parents to her after the whole situation. A celebrity finds themselves a single mother who has to raise children. During the program Kalashnikova there was a real hysteria. Through tears she said that now the parents chased her out of the house, stating that it is a disgrace to the name.

      Chaliapin and Kalashnikov did not hide that the situation with the result of the DNA test was a real blow for them. Anna said on the air Let them say that u knew that the baby could be his relatives and even promised to keep it a secret from everyone.

      “I was very straightforward and honest – he knew everything. He when my parents gave my word, accepts it as it is. The probability was that the baby wasn’t his – 50 to 50. And he knew from the start, and said that it was his baby and promised never to raise this issue,” admitted Kalashnikov.

      Now a celebrity has decided to escape from the sad thoughts and devote themselves to the care of the son. She decided to build a little mini-town on the money that she gave a friend. Anna plans to create a Grand Playground for his heir. In her idea, there will be a house with living room and integrated kitchen, as well as slides, horizontal bar, Swedish wall, swing, small pool and even a children’s mini-football field.

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