The daughter of Arkady Ukupnik sang cherished dream

Дочь Аркадия Укупника исполнила заветную мечту
The girl met chief father Frost of the country.

The daughter of Arkady Ukupnik Sofia with Natalia

Photo: Press service

The daughter of Arkady Ukupnik
Sophia realized his dream. Baby personally met with the chief Santa
The frost, who arrived from Great Ustyug specifically to within
show “Circus Santa Claus: Christmas BOOM” in children’s city of masters “Masterslavl”
to take all comers children’s letters with Christmas wishes and
take a picture with anyone.

“The baby is happy, and that’s the
the main thing, — said Arkady wife Natalia. — Beautiful
Santa Claus, just lovely! We liked it a lot. Sofia talked
played and took pictures with the magician. There was a lot of happiness!”

Also, along with kids Santa Claus
strolled the streets of “Masterslavl” — looked at the “Custom”, where
it turned out that a magician well versed in the breeds of dogs and know what
four-legged service for what purpose. In the center of the good deeds of the city
masters are talking about the origin of the word “good”, and Santa Claus told the children
some interesting facts from the history of the Russian language.

However, frost children and their
parents met with residents of “Masterslavl” — Sophia and left-Handed. They
had with daughter of a son and the other kids exciting contests, during the
which played the tickets to “Circus Santa Claus: Christmas BOOM.” Not
cost on a holiday without the elegant Christmas tree, which the citizens of “Masterslavl”
established specifically for the arrival of the main Grandfather.