Actor “Uni” was reunited with the missing beloved

Актер «Универа» воссоединился с пропавшей избранницей Alex Lemar glad that finally found the disappeared spouse. Recall that the artist’s wife stopped communicating with him after the flood in the southern provinces of Thailand. Lemar thanked all those who attended to his problem.

      Recently, the star of the series “Univer” Alex Lemar was beside myself with excitement. The wife of the artist, who was in Thailand, had suddenly disappeared. Once in Koh Phangan began a natural disaster, Marina stopped communicating with her beloved husband. Alex was left to guess about what is happening with his wife, cut off from the outside world.

      Alex Lemar after looking for your favorite natural disasters

      Fans and friends of the artist maintained it in social networks and expressed the hope that Marina will get in contact with her husband. Alexey tried not to lose heart. After some time, he shared with subscribers of the good news. After the disaster has subsided, the choice of the actor finally broke the silence and reminded him of himself.

      “The elements has calmed down, the rains have passed, on the Islands of Thailand the sun came out. Thank you all for your concern. Beloved wife found. Love everybody”, – said Alexey in social networks.

      Recall that heavy rains were in the southern provinces of Thailand for a few days. They have led to flooding. As a result of natural disasters killed more than a dozen people. On the island of Samui, which has a reputation as one of the most fashionable resorts in the country, was blocked by traffic, flooded streets and damaged power lines.

      Actor Alex Lemar is so worried for his beloved, and he was ready to personally organize a rescue operation on her return home. “If in the coming days a message from the island is not restored, I will contact the MOE or other organizations”, said Lemar. Together with the Marina, isolated from the world were about a hundred families who came to Thailand from Russia. Victims of natural disasters could not even go out and buy yourself a meal.

      “Many Russian families, especially those who don’t have cars are not able to get to the shops and buy food for themselves and their children. It rains five days with small breaks. Periodically turn off the light. Due to storm warnings periodically stop ferry traffic between the Islands. There are those who live in the jungle and has only bikes for transportation that with them is unknown. Palm trees wind moved on the roads of the lake, when sometimes no,” – wrote Lemar in his microblog.