The participant “Voices” Niko Neman: “If you leave the project, will finally be reunited with his family”

Участник «Голоса» Нико Неман: «Если покину проект, наконец-то увижусь с семьей» His participation in the show, the musician caused a lot of controversy. Some viewers criticized the appearance of the artist in the program, because for four years he worked in the “Production centre of Grigory Leps”. Niko Neman said “StarHit” why he decided to try his hand in the “Voice” and how to cope with the negative reviews.

      33-year-old singer from Sochi Arsen Memorize, better known under the pseudonym Nico Niemen, made a lasting impression on the audience and the jury members show “Voice”. Professional athlete sang a classical piece – an excerpt from the Opera, after which it to your team took Grigory Leps. Despite the fact that the artist is already known to the public for its hits “Fly away” and “Stolen happiness”, he decided to try himself in an entirely different style of performance. The artist has no musical education, but he always wanted to sing that classic work.

      “In the “Voice” I wanted to show a different side of him. I know as a pop artist, and I always dreamed to sing a couple of songs academic vocals. Of course, I will continue to work in the usual manner, so I am glad that the project people know about me from the other side. Some viewers like my performance, others criticizing me. But I’m glad all the reviews – the worst would be indifference,” said the “StarHit” Neman.

      After the blind auditions it became known that Nico is one of the wards “Production center Grigory Leps”. After this, the participant of show “the Voice” barrage of criticism. Neman had to prove to everyone that he is on the project without someone’s patronage, but only through their own talent. Nico didn’t hide from the Leps that wants to participate in the show.

      “When I decided to go on “the Voice” Grigory Viktorovich has approved my step, despite the fact that foresaw a lot of dissatisfied comments, saying “Production centre” promotes their. But he said I could, said, “Please, participate if you want, show all that capable,” – says the artist. – I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that we work with Leps over four years – this and so many knew. The criticism I’m fine. Of course, there are comments that offend me, but I do not answer – do not be like such people to return evil for evil.”

      Nico said that he met with Grigory Leps in Sochi to celebrate the birthday of the sister of the producer. On the evening of the Nemunas sang one of the songs, and this attracted his attention. The mentor of “the Voice” invited him to come to Moscow and to seriously engage in the work. Despite the tempting offer, Neman it took about a year to take the plunge – leave Sochi native and to move to the capital.

      “Initially I was afraid the big city was a bit uncomfortable. And then the circumstances were such that I moved to Moscow relatives and they invited me the first time to stay with them. So I ended up here. After a while he began to rent an apartment myself. Often travel to Sochi to his family,” said Neman.

      A year ago, the actor married his fiancee Sofia, and recently he became father of a beautiful boy, Elijah. Now the singer feels absolutely happy person, however, due to the participation in the project does not have many opportunities to see my family, as they live in his hometown. Niko is glad that his wife was not persuaded to abandon the show to spend more time with the baby.

      “She always told me: “Go on “the Voice”, why aren’t you there?” Me such a nice support. Wife and son are still in Sochi. I miss them, so sometimes I think about what won’t be offended if you leave the project will finally see their loved ones. But still I will fight to the last” – reflects the participant “Voices” before the quarter-finals.

      Niko admits that now he began to learn on the street fans of the show “the Voice.” Despite the fact that he has long been engaged in music, the fame he acquired during participation in the popular project. However, while the artist is not accustomed to the increased attention of the public.

      “I feel shy that if I become uncomfortable, especially when somebody comes up, and the rest turn around. I attract too much attention, – says the artist. – I guess I sought it, but not as imagined. Never thought that so soon I will begin to learn. Very quickly – I’m not used to it.”

      Today Niko Neman will make every effort to take their place in the semi-finals, however he will not be upset if I lose out to their rivals.

      “It’s important for me to show what I’m capable of. If only the ligaments did not disappoint. Even if you leave the project, anything terrible in it is not. For me the main thing not victory, and participation. I’m ready for anything, and to defeat and to victory. I’ve been preparing, so it should get” – said about his attitude a lot.