Михаил Ефремов прошел трехмесячные курсы молодого врача
In Moscow hosted a presentation of the tragicomedy “Drunk firm”.

Михаил Ефремов прошел трехмесячные курсы молодого врача

In Moscow cinema “Illusion”, located in one of the famous Stalin’s skyscrapers, was held pre-premiere of the premiere of the tragicomedy “Drunk firm”, the Russian premiere of which will take place on December 19 on TNT.

The cast and crew, the show producers, journalists, bloggers and representatives of TV and film industry gathered to watch the new series of TNT with Mikhail Efremov in the title role.

“Drunk firm” was presented by the Director of the series Gregory of Constantinople, the producers Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov, Igor Mishin and Yury Sapronov, the actors Mikhail Efremov, Ivan Makarevich, Marat Basharov, Yuriy Kolokolnikov, Alexander Strizhenov, Sergey Dmitriev, Nikita Pavlenko and Anastasiya Tsoy. Among the guests were also actors Alexey Litvinenko, Irina Volkova, Larisa Baranova, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Katya and Volga King.

Answering the question as he was preparing for the role, Mikhail Efremov jokingly said that he passed a three-month course of a young doctor. “Very good courses at pirogovka, all the advice,” — said the leading man. “I wanted to play a major role, but the channel TNT did not give me!”, added Gregory of Constantinople.

At a press conference, the creators were asked whether they are not afraid of censorship, in particular, due to the fact, as in “Drunk firm” shown by the police. “I never judge anyone in General, I speak about specific people. In every profession there are villains and there are good people. Here the hero Marat Basharova, a police officer — negative,” — answered the question of Director Grigory Konstantinopolsky.

Spectators and journalists, which after watching all four episodes met the entire crew a round of applause, there was a strong cast, the tone with which the series is poised at the crossroads of Comedy and drama, that the series fly very fast, and to the heroes “company Drunk” instantly accustomed and imbued with sympathy.

Михаил Ефремов прошел трехмесячные курсы молодого врача

New four-part Comedy series TNT “Drunk firm” is a story about a brilliant doctor Gregory Piece Mikhailovich (Mikhail Efremov) who treats rich people binge on one only known to him method. What role in his life played the neighbor promoter (Ivan Makarevich), police Hilariou (Marat Basharov), the chief physician, Anastasia G. (Elizaveta Boyarskaya), Boris Yeltsin (Sergey Koltakov), Michael Jackson (Ingeborga Dapkunaite) and the rest of the characters, you know, watching this incredible story. In addition to unprecedented for TNT casting, “Drunk firm” is another experiment from the channel: a collaboration with a famous Director Grigory Konstantinopolsky (“Eight dollars and a half”, “Kitty”), who managed to shoot at the same time very personal, and completely of the author’s popular series. About love, about geniuses and fools, about the Russian drunk and the Russian soul, about destiny and God, villainy and justice. About how difficult it is to find the meaning of life and how easily all in one moment to lose.

 See people’s tragicomedy “Drunk firm” from 19 December at 22:00 on TNT!