The daughter of Anna Sedokova’s sleeping with her mother under the supervision of a parole officer

Дочь Анны Седоковой ночует с матерью под присмотром надзирателя According to the singer, ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy fears that she may permanently take the child to itself. Anna Sedokova did not understand how there could be such assumptions. Now the actress talks with Monica only in the presence of a stranger.
Дочь Анны Седоковой ночует с матерью под присмотром надзирателя

Some time ago, Anna Sedokova made the confession about her second daughter Monica who was born in the marriage with businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. The singer has said that it wants to deprive parental rights. For more than six months, Anna has no ability to speak normally with a girl – not only by telephone but also in person.

Second husband Sedokova wants to deprive her of parental rights

Rare meeting of the artist with the child are under the care of a warden. As it turned out, it is not only about joint trips to the cinema or shops, but also cases where Monica is staying the night at my mother’s. This Anna said in social networks.

“Now I can meet up with our daughter only a matron who, when we sleep at night, hugging (and I am grateful to God for this opportunity, because many don’t), sits and looks at us. So many things… I don’t even know how to tell”, – shared the singer.
Дочь Анны Седоковой ночует с матерью под присмотром надзирателя

The other side has forbidden Anna Sedokova to take pictures of Monica and put them on Instagram. Otherwise, the singer wanted to deny the request to see his daughter. The star had to accept this condition.

Addressing the fans, she added that for a long time were afraid to give an interview about an ambiguous situation that arose in her family. The singer feared that every word will be used against her. As it turned out, this happened with Sedokova. However, after the actress decided to break the silence, many came to her side.

“During these two days, we were called best lawyers international law, three main channel is ready to support and highlight this issue, dozens of the best journalists in the country and hundreds of letters from moms who were in the same situation! I felt I was not alone, that together we can help each other,” said the celebrity.
Дочь Анны Седоковой ночует с матерью под присмотром надзирателя

The star was sincerely touched by the support of others. Anna thanked the concerned people, giving her the strength to move on despite the difficulties. Sedokova posted on Instagram a picture in which she is depicted smiling.

“Because now I don’t have one anymore because I won’t give up! Because no matter how bitterly inside, I’ll smile and do my best to help us and those who need my help. Now we are together. We will not break! But love will win and everyone will live together,” shared Anna.

Monica Cherniavsky was born in July 2011 in America. Former husband of Anna Sedokova wants to permanently leave the child abroad. According to the singer, ex-lover fears that she may permanently take away the girl to Russia.