Olga Buzova staged wedding celebration

Ольга Бузова устроила свадебное торжество Leading dressed in a wedding dress. Olga Buzova was happy to gather all on-site telestroke “Dom-2”, which was decorated in white and red colors. Many fans waited eagerly for the broadcast to learn about the changes in her personal life.
Ольга Бузова устроила свадебное торжество

Recently, the Network appeared the photo on which Olga Buzova posing in a wedding dress, and later – the clip where she promised to tell in the air “House-2” about the dramatic changes in life. Fans eagerly awaited the release of a new program to learn about the joyous event that happened with the host. After the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov Olga was not loud novels. That is why the emergence of Buzova in a wedding dress was all a complete surprise. She appeared on the site of “House-2” in a luxury car and sat down at the festive table.

“Then came the day when I’m ready to share my happiness with all of you. And not to hide your feelings and to shout about them. Friends, I’m happy and want that happiness to share with you all here in the “House-2″. And right now I want to open the gate and we all met, for which I am ready for anything. I want you to applaud, I want you to meet,” Olga intrigued by all viewers.
Ольга Бузова устроила свадебное торжество

When all prepared to see the chosen one leading, Buzova stated that he wants to say those words from the heart, and yet it was only a rehearsal. Moreover, the “House-2” met the new members, which was immediately on the improvised wedding.

“While I am free, but I promise to be the most enviable bride. And the one choose will be the happiest man on earth because I know how to love and you know it,” said Olga.

Ольга Бузова устроила свадебное торжество

Winter Buzova enough time spent with the resident Comedy Club Timur by Batrutdinova. However, their relationship never escalated into a whirlwind romance. Olga Buzova is looking for groom throughout Russia

In addition, not so long ago heart Olga tried to conquer one of the participants of telestroke Roman Gritsenko. However, the presenter did not answer the young man’s affection. Nevertheless the young man did not lose hope that someday, leading to still give him a chance. Even today, when one of the girls expressed their sympathy with the Affair, he did not respond to this statement and did not hide the fact that he didn’t like it. Gritsenko, who was sitting near Buzova at the holiday table, began to hug with Olga and tried to kiss her.