The murder of Igor Talkov took an unexpected turn

Дело об убийстве Игоря Талькова получило неожиданный поворот The former employee of criminal investigation Department said about the shots. Sergey Lomov admitted that there were three and not two. He tried to make every effort to explain that Igor Malakhov hardly responsible for the death of Igor. From the second participant of those events, Valeria Shlyafmana, still waiting for an answer.
Дело об убийстве Игоря Талькова получило неожиданный поворот

Igor Talkov was murdered during a concert in 1991. However, it is still unknown who is responsible for his death. The chief suspect in the murder Talkov first became a bodyguard and beloved Aziza Igor Malakhov. In the program “really” has appeared the singer and the former employee of Moscow criminal investigation Department Sergey Lomov. The man remembered that I knew Malakhov.

“In the autumn of 1990 Igor had suffered serious injuries from which he nearly died,” spoke about her meeting with Malakhov Lomov.

Olga Bityukova, the first wife of the crime boss, remembers that he engaged in petty speculation. However, after her divorce from Igor profited from the rich men, using as bait his beautiful girlfriend.

The next day after the murder Talkov Malakhov himself appealed to Lomovo. “My office phone rang. Called Igor. He asked me to do this situation. He said, “I swear it wasn’t me”, a dialogue took place in Malakhov and Lomova.

Дело об убийстве Игоря Талькова получило неожиданный поворот

He was depressed and frightened on the first interrogation. Lomov thought that the Director of Talkova Valery Shlyafman actually committed the murder. In an interview, he reminisced about the threats Malakhov in address Talkov, as he was shaking the gun. Igor pulled out a gun during a fight with the artist. The investigation ruled that were made two shots.

However, after some time in private conversation with Lomov Sergey Malakhov told the details. He remembered that there were three shots. “Shlyafman not killed,” – said Malakhov.

Aziz, who was present in the Studio, shared his opsporingen.

“I knew Dr. oz has a gun. When did this fight, I ran up to them”, – said the singer about those events. She took the gun from the scene.

Дело об убийстве Игоря Талькова получило неожиданный поворот

Aziz gave the weapon to the administrator of Ella. That he removed it in his bag. Igor Malakhov personally confessed to the murder of Michael Muromova. The actor says that because of damage to the xiphoid process of the heart doctors Igor and died.

“He shot towards the gunshots talc. He fired three times from the gas, Malakhov – forward. Talking to me, he knew that killed Talkova,” recalled Muromov.
Дело об убийстве Игоря Талькова получило неожиданный поворот

During the trip in the train Igor confessed to Michael, only that the third shot could prove fatal to talc. According to investigators, was responsible for the death of Igor was Valery Shlyafman. His cousin, Svetlana Dubankova, came to the Studio to Dmitry Shepelev.

“It was a disaster. There were a lot of plans. Luba, Valery, daughter… He went to Israel at the invitation, but could not return,” – says Svetlana.

Wife Valeria Luba was not easy: she worked a lot to support the child. According to relatives, a trip to Israel coincided with those events.

The former employee of criminal investigation Department told why it was only reported now.

“I was approached by [the journalist] Natasha Murga. She told me about the fate of Shlafman. He was one of the first to come to testify. I came here and said about three shots to alleviate the plight of the Shlyafmana,” said Scrap.