Tatyana Seliverstova: “I believe that each of us can make the world a little kinder.” /><noscript><img class=

She went from a modest childhood near Ulyanovsk to a modeling career in Moscow and Dubai.

Her life story was filled with both difficulties and incredible moments. She spoke about this and much more in a recent big interview.

Tatiana, tell us about your childhood near Ulyanovsk? What moments were the brightest and most unforgettable for you and how did they influence your future?

My childhood near Ulyanovsk was simple and ordinary. We were not a rich family, but my mother always tried to support my hobbies. I remember with warmth how, despite financial difficulties, she found the opportunity to pay for my music and English lessons. One of the most vivid impressions of childhood was the endless hours spent in front of the TV, where the MTV channel was miraculously caught. I literally lived in the world of foreign music and videos, and this undoubtedly influenced my future. It was then that my love for beauty and creativity began.

What influence did your mother have on you? Why did you decide to leave home early?

My mother is my main inspiration and role model. She always believed in me and taught me to be strong and independent. The decision to leave home at a young age was not easy, but I was drawn to the desire for new opportunities, to realize my wildest dreams.

Tatyana Seliverstova: “I believe that each of us can make the world a little kinder

Tell us about your experience as a model. What was the most important thing for you in this field?

The world of modeling opened its doors for me at the age of 17. Beauty contests, filming in advertisements and videos, participation in fashion shows – all this has become a part of my life. There were, of course, difficult periods associated with emotional burnout and weight fluctuations, which, unfortunately, affected my self-esteem. But I was able to overcome these difficulties. The most important thing for me in the fashion world is the people I work with, their support and inspiration.

You mentioned your dream of opening a modeling school in your hometown. What does this mean for you?

Yes, this is still a dream, but I believe that it will definitely come true. This will not be just a model school in the traditional sense. I see this as a place where girls can discover their femininity, learn to value themselves and find inner strength.

What obstacles did you experience when moving to Moscow and starting your modeling career?

Moving to Moscow was a real challenge for me. The capital is a city of great opportunities, but also of enormous competition. I had to work hard, prove my worth, and face refusals and disappointments. But I never gave up and believed in my dream.

What does helping people mean to you and when did you decide to do charity?

Helping people is something that brings me deep satisfaction. I believe that each of us can make the world a little kinder.

Tatyana Seliverstova: “I believe that each of us can make the world a little kinder.” /><noscript><img class=

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