The creators of “Sex and the city,” decided to kill Samantha

Создатели «Секса в большом городе» решили убить Саманту
Have kinosikvela cult TV series has a new chance.

Создатели «Секса в большом городе» решили убить Саманту

Kim Cattrall

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The producers of the third film of the franchise “Sex
and the city” finally found a way to revive your frozen
project. The fact that 61-year-old Kim Cattrall, the actress played in movies and TV series
one of the four friends — Samantha Jones — flatly refused to participate in the new
movie. As a result it was announced that the film be cancelled. And now
decided to rewrite the script, getting rid of the character of intractable

As it became known, it was decided
“kill” Samantha, that is to declare that she died. This would be not too difficult. Indeed, in the past, this
heroine according to the script, there were big problems with health, including
cancer. So to find a plausible explanation of death
Samantha will not be too difficult. Of course, rewriting will take
some time. But it’s still better than “bury” the project once and for

We will remind, the scandal around the new movie
started after Kim Cattrall, according to her colleagues, among whom were Sarah Jessica Parker, the last
the moment when everything was ready to start working, suddenly abandoned his role. The reason
this behavior of the actress was alleged that she was denied her requests. Of cattrall
allegedly, demanded that the Studio engaged in the production
several projects that had interested the actress. However, she
the actress vehemently denies such accusations. She stated that just don’t
want to play Samantha.

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker in the franchise “Sex and the city”

Photo: Outnow