Olga Shelest decided to experiment with hair

Ольга Шелест решилась на эксперимент с волосами
The presenter made an unusual staining.

Photo: Instagram

After Olga Shelest became a mother twice, she has changed greatly: it is noticed by both colleagues and fans. The star lost a lot of weight, made a fashionable short hairstyle and began to dress stylishly. The TV presenter says that dressing herself, without the help of professionals and try to choose unusual things not like at all.

This time, in order not to look like all, Olga decided to creative hair coloring is the latest fashion. Not “rainbow”, however, but only in one unusual color. Lilac strands very life the 40-year-old star, who does not look his age. By the way, a new image, even more rowdy than before, did Olga even younger.

To transform the Rustle of its permanent master of the bands of the elite of the Moscow salon. His name is Giampaolo. Visit his personal blog Olga heartily thanked the stylist, not forgetting in his usual manner to leave a comment about their own hair.

“Lada Sedan! Bakugan!” — quoted TV presenter song rapper Timati, meaning beloved.

Surprisingly, all the followers Olga decided that the experiment was a success. Not a single negative comment under the photo is not there! What in the world of Instagram is almost unreal.