Olga Orlova told about the fraud

Ольга Орлова сообщила о мошенничестве
The name of the singer is cashing Scam.

Photo: Instagram

While Olga Orlova was in a long trip in the Seychelles, where the actress led the popular reality show “Dom-2” from its name in Russia beginning to work a whole team of scammers. As it turned out, the speculators agreed on the performances of the singer, took the advance and disappeared. And all claims then received the true representatives of management Orlova. So Olga decided to talk about how to defame her good name, from a page of your personal blog.

“In connection with the become frequent cases of fraud, I just have to make this post! — she wrote. — Over the last month have some situations, when a certain Victoria seems to be my Director and “organize my speeches”. This person takes an advance payment using Yandexmoney, and then disappears. I want to say that I HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP to what is happening. My interests can only imagine Svetlana and Natalia. Be careful! And see you on my real tour!”

Unfortunately, therefore, the scammers often prey on the stars. But lately they come up with and much more complex schemes. For example, some unscrupulous people have placed in major microsite announcement of the recruitment of actors for the filming of the clip of Anna Netrebko. They were looking for people for the following roles: waiter, cafe visitors, young, model, hairdresser and four ladies. The actors promised payment from 6 to 9 thousand rubles per crew shift. They were asked to send their photos and profiles to the specified address, and then come to the casting. As it turned out, the questionnaire was paid.

Elizabeth Krutko, ex-wife Marat Basharova, was even less lucky. The scammers hacked her email and sent all contacts an email with a request to help with money for treatment for her non-existent niece. And considering that Elizabeth has for many years been the undisputed agent of Marat, in her e-mail had an incredible amount of addresses known and very wealthy people. Fortunately, she quickly found out this Scam.