The Creator of “spirited away” has decided to come out of retirement

Создатель «Унесенных призраками» решил вернуться с пенсии

Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki announced the start of work on a new animation project.

At least one cartoon Miyazaki Yes, I saw each of us. “Spirited away”, “howl’s moving castle”, “Princess Mononoke”… When the piggy Bank works of Hayao exceeded three dozen high-end animation, Miyazaki has announced the publication of lyrical anime “the Wind grows stronger”, after Cecil announced that she was leaving the profession. Supposedly already did everything I dreamed of.

Fans were annoyed. But if only they knew that it will take time, and the animator will be back! Moreover, this time the Director took a swing at an animated film, which will make without any help.

The working title of the project already has – “Caterpillar borough”. But because not hard to guess that this insect will be the main character.

By the way, about the caterpillar animator already wanted to shoot a short film. But he started, as immediately realized that short films are not enough, in order to reveal the essence of the plan. But valuable film will cope with the task perfectly.

Animation Studio Ghibli, co-founded by Miyazaki, has not yet made a project in development. Despite this, Miyazaki already did the storyboards for the film. Mater is sure that he will need five years to finish the cartoon. Moreover, figure it does not frighten, on the contrary, Hayao intends to get to its 80-th anniversary. And promises that this work will certainly be great, it just happened to be the last.

We will remind, Hayao Miyazaki is known as Director, producer, script writer, animator and artist animated films. And the master awarded the “Oscar” for outstanding achievements in film.