Pitt has produced a shocking dirt on Jolie

Питт подготовил шокирующий компромат на Джоли

Now the breakup of the star couple certainly does not pass peacefully.

Divorce Jolie and pitt in recent years more and more resembles the life of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And if pistols, rifles that they don’t run around the kitchen, then that’s their lawyers in court already face off.

And pitt promised and put the controversial ad, then no judge will leave the children to live with her.

According to close friends of the couple, pitt tried to the last to settle the matter peacefully. And didn’t want all this hype, as it has a bad effect on children.

But Jolie has taken all the trump cards that the children stayed with her. Including reported to law enforcement authorities about the assault from the mountain-father and his alcohol and drug abuse.

“Pitt loves kids and didn’t want all this dirt, but it is also not iron. And he has something in case of need to meet Angie,” – said the insider edition of the Sun.

In a Pitta is a audio file exposing the actress. Brad says that if she continues to accuse him of all mortal sins, and set against his children, he will publish it. The actor is sure that after this no judge, certainly not trust her with sole custody.

Meanwhile, fans have lost hope for a reunification of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood. And the only hope that they will come out of this situation with dignity.

Recall, for divorce, Jolie filed in early September, citing as the reasons for the irreconcilable differences and the preservation of the health of the family.