Суд обязал Никиту Михалкова выплатить более 200 тысяч Proceedings at the suit of the Director lasted several months. In the end, the claims of Nikita Mikhalkov to a number of media were not satisfied. Now man must return to the opponents legal fees. The required amount has already been blocked on its accounts.

About a year ago in a number of media published articles devoted to the tax on imported Russian electronic media. Journalists assumed that 1% of these fees goes personally to Nikita Mikhalkov. The publication angered the famous Director as they, in his opinion, was not true. That is why the man hurried to sue the publication.

Nikita really runs the Union of right holders, which collects taxes on elektronositeli. However, he denies that it has access to the distribution of these funds. Also, the Director was outraged by the publication of his pictures in the media, and planning for it to seize a certain amount.

Proceedings on the resonant case lasted several months, but the verdict was only at the end of December. According to the court, all claims of Nikita were considered not valid. Moreover, the Director was required to cover opponents legal fees.

“At the moment part of the funds in the Bank account of Nikita Mikhalkov temporarily arrested. The money is frozen because of litigation with several media,” – said the press service of the Director.

According to the court, Mikhalkov should pay more than 200 thousand rubles in the coming weeks. This amount spent by his opponents in the process proceedings. Recall that the Director wanted to collect from well-known publications 2.3 million rubles.

Representatives Nikita disagrees with the verdict. They intend to send the case to appeal and are confident in their future victory.

“Khrushchev learned of the decision of the court recently, and therefore could not timely implement the right to rescind the transaction. According to lawyers, the filing of an appeal decision will be either abolished or substantially revised which excludes recovery in such scale”, – said the press service of Mikhalkov.

The Union of right holders has obtained accreditation for the next year and will continue to collect the tax on all imported Russian electronic media. Earlier, the Director has lost similar disputes in the Tver and Moscow Gagarinsky courts.

According to “TASS” the Director has not filed an appeal. If this is done, the proceedings between Mikhalkov and a number of printed publications will continue in 2018.