Josh Duhamel bought a new house after breaking up with fergie

Джош Дюамель приобрел новый дом после расставания с Ферги

45-year-old Josh Duhamel gets used to live alone and even bought a new house. On Wednesday, the star of the movie “transformers” gave an interview to Architectural Digest about his new home in Los Angeles. Says the actor himself, he decided to make it comfortable, without fussy details.

Джош Дюамель приобрел новый дом после расставания с Ферги

“My home is in Los Angeles. There are four bedrooms in the style of medieval modernism.,” says Duhamel. “Like medieval modern. Don’t like ultra modern, but not inclined to the rural style. Just love the atmosphere.” A special relationship with the house, the actor felt once stopped on the threshold. As he said himself, Duhamel, he immediately felt calm and realized that I should buy this house.

“I felt that I can come here and stay every day. The house has great views,” says the star. “It is on a hill with a great pool in the backyard. There is enough space to arrange a place for barbecue. The place is great for relaxing, you know, since February I couldn’t find a place so I am very happy that I finally found a place to settle down and relax a bit.”

Escape from work and bad thoughts actor helps work on the decorations and furnishings of a new home. “I especially love the exterior design of the house,” says the actor. “As soon as I come back, start a yard. One of the reasons for my love of life in L. A. is the interior and exterior of homes.”

The feeling that the actor would not have lived inside the house and outside, because he even puts the TV on the back patio to enjoy your favorite programs. He is going to put the outside fireplace, barbecue and place for entertainment. “We will arrange the entertainment room with table for lunch, which will be as a ping-pong table. Yes, it is,” continues Duhamel about their plans for the arrangement of the interior of the house. “I love the game, love to play, love to invite people and play with them in mini-Olympics. We play Darts, Billiards, ping-pong, and then place your bets.” If fergie could not allow my husband to enjoy the games with friends, but now he could afford it at any time. The actor also noticed that no matter girl or guy if they like to have fun, his door is open to them.

Джош Дюамель приобрел новый дом после расставания с Ферги

Recall that the singer fergie and Josh Duhamel broke up after 8 years of marriage. They parted friends. The former couple announced the news in an official statement to People magazine.

“We decided to part ways with love and respect for each other. It happened in the beginning of this year. To give the opportunity for our family to adapt to new circumstances, we decided to wait and not to share with the public. We will always be United and continue to support each other,” announced the pair.

The reasons for the breakup called the opposite of the characters singer and actor. At first, it drew but soon, the life of the stars went in different directions and they stopped seeing each other time.

“One of the main factors in the breakup of their relationship is that fergie and Josh are very different. First, it attracts them. However, they came from two completely different worlds and they want different things. In the end, their lives went in two opposite directions, they rarely spent time with each other, including for work,” says the insider.