Андрей Разин защитил Дмитрия Борисова, которого вызвали в суд по делу Александра Новикова Broadcaster channel got into a nasty situation. He was asked to attend the meeting, which considered the claim of the bard Alexander Novikov, who demands compensation for moral damage caused to him during the filming of one of the esters “Let them talk”.

Some time ago the bard Alexander Novikov filed a lawsuit in the court for the First channel and the program “Let them talk”. Ural, the contractor requires one million euros in one of the gear he had suffered non-pecuniary damage.

Singer believes that during the broadcast, where they talked about the deceived shareholders “Queens Bay”, he insulted. According to the artist, the aim was to tarnish his good name. Novikov also believes that “Let them say” he was denied the right to indicate their position regarding the defrauded investors.

In trials in Ostankino court lawyer Alexander called for the answer of Dmitry Borisov, the leader of the program, filming on which the incident occurred. Producer of “Tender may” Andrey Razin has defended the journalist and described the situation in the personal microblog.

“The first channel has passed Dmitry Borisov. On December 21 at the Ostankino court of Moscow, where suing the singer-bard Alexander Novikov (lawyer Natalia Semenova Dmitrevna) against the First channel, the representative channel realized that he loses the process (probably will scare the President of the court, because the court has always been on the side of the First channel, a feeling that the salaries of judges should not pay the judicial Department of Moscow, and channel), said the court: to involve as a Respondent in this case on the TV presenter Dmitry Borisov. Shame! The court agreed to it. Now Dima will lead to court. Sorry Dima, dragged him into a dirty showdown, I believe that the representatives of the channel trying to blame everything on him,” said Razin.

The producer stressed that Konstantin Ernst, you should pay attention to such behavior, and legal representatives, and also to think about the choice of editors who create “Let them talk”. Subscribers Razin agreed with his position and defended Dmitry.

By the way, the claim Novikova – not only among the cases initiated under the article “About protection of honor, dignity and business reputation against media outlets” against one of the programs of the First channel. Very often the heroes transmissions blame their creators in incorrect information transfer and cunning assembling parts from the movie.