Компания «Лемакс» представила котлы Lemax серии Clever с цилиндрическим стальным теплообменником

On the market there is a new gas boiler Lemax series Clever with a wide range of functionality and ergonomic design from the company lemaks. This model has a stable heat exchanger, the Italian automation and the ability to connect the indirect heating boiler do, that makes this equipment attractive for Russian consumers.

Компания «Лемакс» представила котлы Lemax серии Clever с цилиндрическим стальным теплообменником

Features of the heat exchanger

The heat exchanger of the tube type made of high strength steel with a thickness of 2 mm, has a cylindrical shape. This configuration is due to the minimum number of welded seams able to withstand higher working pressures, which allows the use of a Clever boilers in closed heating systems with working pressure up to 2 bar. The lack of corners on the inner surface reduces the likelihood of sludge on the walls of the heat exchanger, thus preventing a decrease in boiler efficiency over time.

The outer surface is covered with heatproof enamel can withstand temperatures up to 750°C. Inside a heat-processed corrosion-inhibiting compound that protects the structure from exposure to the mineral salts.

Fire tubes are equipped with turbulators, which provides additional heating of the coolant. A large number of tubes increases the heating area, which increases the efficiency of the boiler. The removal efficiency of the exhaust gas is provided with thestabilization.

Accessories and additional capabilities

When assembling boilers Lemax series of Clever components from leading Italian manufacturers:

  • automatic control of a gas burner SIT 845 proved to be reliable and easy to set up, the equipment is able to operate even under reduced pressure;
  • injection burners Polidoro stainless steel having a smooth ignition and ionization electrode for monitoring the presence of flame.

The boiler control and hot water supply system occurs with the LCD screen located on the top panel. The self diagnostic system will alert the owner when an error occurs, an alphanumeric code.

Already in the base Lemax series Clever the possibility of installation on these boilers weather-automation, protection system against overheating, interruption of traction and freezing. Enables connection and control systems of forced removal of exhaust gases, and also:

  • room thermostat;
  • pumps heating and domestic hot water;
  • the external control panel;
  • temperature sensor domestic hot water;
  • the external temperature sensor;
  • the minimum pressure relay system;
  • the wireless control module;
  • the three-way valve.

Lemax Clever boilers are rated 20-55 kW and can operate in heating systems with forced or natural circulation. The equipment meets all European standards at a cost approximately twice cheaper than foreign analogues. The company gives 2-year warranty on products, while the lifetime of the boilers is about 14 years. To purchase equipment in Russia it is possible in a wide dealer network.

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