The company “Hectare” expands the range of services on arrangement and gardening plots

Компания «Гектар» расширяет спектр услуг по обустройству и озеленению участков

“Hectare” is an integrated contractor who provides a wide range of services for landscaping. Private clients and organisations, professional lawn and plowing. The company’s specialists perform all tasks from design of the landscape design and ending with installation of the equipment.

The company has already many years known in the market of Moscow and Moscow region. Clients have access to a quality service and a huge range of services, including:

  • dismantling of buildings;
  • the landscape design;
  • planting areas, including lawn and care;
  • design and implementation of automatic irrigation;
  • the mowing of grass, cleaning of foliage;
  • the plowing and harrowing, cultivation;
  • felling and pruning of trees, shrubs;
  • the alignment of the territory, importation of new soil.
  • the implementation of the garden paths and decorative elements;
  • planting of plants;
  • cleaning and removal of snow, construction and garden waste.
  • construction, repair, finishing, roofing and welding.

“Hectare” is not simply executes the order of the client but also provides advice on the most convenient and best method of execution. The company has experienced professionals, all required equipment, materials and tools. So the customer pulls away from the worries that everything would be done “turnkey”.

All actions of the staff are under the supervision of a qualified engineer. Due to this minimized the possibility of error or inaccuracy implementation of the requirements of the client. This approach allows us to successfully perform tasks of varying complexity and scope in a timely manner.

The representative of the company specifically emphasizes that before the order of plowing the land or the device of a lawn it is possible to obtain a preliminary assessment of the work. For this purpose, on the official website there is a section “to Estimate the cost of a photo”. Specialist will become familiar with the provided information and materials, and then contacts the client and informs the indicative budget of the project.


The company “Hectare” performs any work of cleaning, construction and landscaping suburban areas, adjoining and other areas. The firm specializiruetsya on the dismantling of wooden buildings and a number of construction services in Moscow and Moscow region.
The staff consists of a competent professionals. The staff goes through mandatory training and refresher courses to be up to date with new technologies.

The success of the team of professionals due to responsible approach to every project, strict adherence to the approved budget and contractual deadlines. In addition, clients are offered the use of modern machinery and equipment, gradual delivery of works for quality control. The company guarantees its customers a punctual, innovative solutions, reasonable prices.

The Company “Hectare”
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CAT 503801001
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