Британскую модель накачали наркотиками и хотели продать на аукционе

20-year-old British model Chloe Eiling was lured to a fake photo shoot in Milan, where she was drugged and locked in a suitcase, which would then sell at the auction people on the darknet for $ 300 thousand (the dark segment of the Internet, which can’t get ordinary users).

Британскую модель накачали наркотиками и хотели продать на аукционе

In early July, with the agent model of an erotic nature contacted and announced a tempting offer that model could not refuse. Already the 10-th girl put a picture in your profile in instagram with the caption “Come to Milan”. Before that, she was in Paris.

On July 11, was assigned to the photo shoot. On the phone she was given the address of the office, near the Central station, on the way in which Chloe was attacked. “The man in the black gloves gagged me while the other quickly made me some kind of injection in the right arm. I instantly lost consciousness and when I woke up, realized I was in the trunk of a car, and clothes on me only shirt and socks. My wrists and ankles were cuffed, and a mouth — gag.” I says model. It was obvious that the girl was injected with the injection of drugs.

Британскую модель накачали наркотиками и хотели продать на аукционе

Soon she realized that she was in the suitcase, because of the flash, which is not completely closed, because the model had to breathe. The car drove to a private house on the North-West of Turin and has made stops about every 45 minutes because of the constant cry Eiling.

Once again, he stopped the car because of the Creek, one of the attackers broke down and threatened another shot. He removed the handcuffs and tied the hands of the aspiring models a black ribbon behind his back.

At the destination the girl had terrible 6 days, wrapped in a sleeping bag and tied to the boxes. One of the kidnappers eventually admitted to the girl that they were planning to kidnap her for a photo to instagram of her son. As he reported, giving birth girls are not fit for sale. But to cancel the sale, they were not going because already put a photo of “goods” in the network and some individuals have expressed their desire to purchase.

Her house is dressed in pink lingerie and periodically injected with a narcotic substance, ketamine, which is used for anesthesia. The girl said that during the unconscious state, she was photographed.

Girls sold on the website were intended for the Arab market. After the purchase, the owners could re-gift the girls or just to feed their animals.

One of the kidnappers was a 30-year-old pole Lukasz Erba, who personally took the girl to the Italian Consulate after threats to his boss. After investigation, police believe that Lucas refers to a criminal organization called “the Black death”. Chloe is now safe, and accomplices Erba all looking for.

“I went through a terrible experience. Feared for his life every moment, every minute, every hour. I am incredibly grateful to the Italian and British law enforcement authorities for what they did for my release. Four weeks later I finally returned home. Before talks with British police, I can’t divulge the details.”