Kamil Larin became a father for the third time!

Камиль Ларин стал отцом в третий раз!
The stars of “Quartet And” a daughter.

Kamil Larin with his wife Catherine

Photo: Yury Feklistov

From Kamil Larin, who this summer is busy in the shooting
continue the film “what men still talk” today only one theme for
conversations. But what! A member of the famous Comedy “Quartet” announced that
today at 9.19 am at his daughter. The actor and his wife Catherine
Andreeva already has a teenage son, Daniyar, who in February was two years old. And
in late spring it became known that the 32-year-old Kate is pregnant again.

A few months before the birth, the couple has not
hid: an ultrasound revealed that baby girl. For fifty years
Larina has a daughter that was born today, is very welcome. After all, in the first
marriage he had a son (Jan 24).

The entire pregnancy, Kate led an active social life:
health allowed for interesting events, for instance, the festival “Chereshnevy
forest”, where he became aware of her pregnancy.

Today she, along with Camille, who literally glows
happiness, receiving congratulations with the completion of the family.