Mila kunis, visited his home town in Ukraine with Ashton Kutcher

Мила Кунис посетила свой родной город в Украине вместе с Эштоном Катчером

American actress Mila kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher August 6, caught in the lenses of the paparazzi in his hometown actress — Chernivtsi, in Ukraine. The pair has been visiting from Budapest, and for those few hours, they managed to sign autographs and take pictures with Ukrainian fans.

For the first time this news has learned the fans of instagram, where employees of the hotel Bukovyna Hotel put a picture with their favorite actors. Mila and Ashton stopped there, that would be a break from the road. Soon, the network got photos of the actors with the employees of the cafe, which is near the hotel. As reported by one of the fans, “Mila and Ashton were there travel. It is a pity that just four hours. They came from Budapest.”

The star decided to admire the beauty of the native city of Nice, and visited the historic city center, walked along the street Kobylianska, had been near the drama theatre and the Cathedral square. In the city they were met by Director Sergei Kobun, who gladly gave the pair a tour. At first they communicated in English, but in the end, the actress was asked to switch to Russian.

In March 2013, in an interview, kunis has expressed a desire to visit his native city of Chernivtsi. But contrary to her desire, became hard road. “In Chernivtsi there is no direct flight, you need to go by train, then by road. I know Ukraine. Been in many large Ukrainian cities. In Odessa, for example. Chernivtsi — it is not close to Odessa, Kiev, Lviv. But I still get there. Want to come together with my family — parents and brother,” — said Mila.

On the arrival of Hollywood stars was not able to respond and Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, leaving the entry in the social network — “Like I said, the key is the way! Then Hollywood moved in. In principle, for the movie and so we have everything ready: actors, stories on any topic. Just shoot and broadcast..”

Chernivtsi is the hometown of the actress, where she was born and lived the early years. Her mother was a physics teacher, and my father — an engineer-mechanic. In 91-m to year the family kunis emigrated from the Ukraine to the USA, settling in the city of angels.