Paul Will get jealous Laysan utiasheva for the participant of the show dancing with the stars

Павел Воля приревновал Ляйсан Утяшеву к участнику шоу «Танцы» The showman asked the wife not to hug unfamiliar young people. According to Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya was dissatisfied with the fragment of one edition of the project of channel TNT “Dances”. Husband of famous gymnasts gave her a playful reprimand.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva – one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show business. Celebrities never cease to delight fans of harmony that prevails between them. Considered by many to be the showman and gymnast look great together. However, even in the relationship of Paul and Laysan periodically difficulty.

Recently utiasheva gave an interview in which has told about a small family conflict that occurred after the release of the TNT show “Dancing”. According to the athlete, then one of the participants hugged her and asked to kiss. Paul familiarized himself with the fragment of the transfer and remained delighted with him. However, Rosie hastened to assure journalists that her husband, as usual, joked.

“I told the party: “Can I have a hug only a mother,” smiles Rosie. – I still remember that this moment happened at the casting of the third season of the show. So, the guy is very mad at me. Pasha and after has asked: “You’re not hurt. Only girls. And that they’re just pretending, playing the sympathy card that they are small and defenseless. But in reality they are twenty-five years.” But this is said more in jest than seriously. You all know it! We have the theme of jealousy in General does not rise”.

In recognition Utyasheva, she and her husband are constantly engaged in the care of children. The athlete complains that a four year old Robert and two year old Sophie occupies almost all her free time. For young brats need to constantly look after, otherwise trouble is inevitable. Because kids and strive to make something while the parents do not see.

“When you have two kids at home with a difference in two years, you think only about how to use them. After all, Robert is able to cut the Drapes new, and Sofia at this point with a marker to izrisoval wall. For them need be watched! Believe me, leaving the house, I just forget who we are”, – told Rosie

Recall that on 28 June, a famous athlete celebrated his birthday. Lyaysan Utyasheva turned 32. For this reason the woman threw a party for family and friends. The event, which was organized a celebrity took place in the nature. Family members Utyasheva feasted in a spacious white tent, where you can enjoy delicious meals. Laysan utiasheva showed the face of the son