Книга Алексея Чумакова обрела живое звучание
Released audio version of the book of the singer “looking for ghosts”

Thriller Alexey Chumakov “In search of
ghosts” is now available in a convenient format
audiobooks available on all digital
the Windows.

To the exit
the new artist was prepared as always
carefully, gathered a team of professionals
like Victor Trukhan (Director),
the legendary Sandor Kallos (composer,
specially written for the book music
for cello) and Sergey Burunov
well-known actor of theatre and cinema, gave
the heroes of his voice and his special emotional
sound. Alexey made here
not only as an author but also as a composer
sound designer and producer.

The book was published in 2014 and immediately captured the hearts and minds of fans of Alex. Now
the output of audio summaries “In search of ghosts”
with the author’s music will be a real
gift for fans of Oman and all
those who are just now acquainted with

Amazing acting job
Sergey Burunov, sound effects and
specially written soundtrack will immerse
listeners in a spooky, atmospheric story
with a full sense “movie
your eyes closed”.

The plot is intriguing
from the first lines, narrating about the mystical
TV show “In search of ghosts” the creators
which with every new release, explore
paranormal. The authors of the program
ready to surprise the audience, and
once the pursuit of ratings plays
a cruel joke with them.

This is not the only project Chumakov for the last month. We will remind, recently Alexey Chumakov presented a clip on
very touching song
“If you would know why” included in a new
album of the singer “Heaven in your eyes”,presentation
which was a resounding success — sold out three concerts in Vegas City Hall in November
2017.New work by Chumakov
not autobiographical, but will make the viewer
to empathize with the lyrical hero.