Кэти Перри собралась замуж за Орландо Блума
The singer desperately flirting with the actor.

Кэти Перри собралась замуж за Орландо Блума

33-year-old Katy Perry has pleased those,
who has dreams that she gave finally his personal life.
The singer, who arrived recently at my brother’s wedding, made a symbolic gesture: it
caught the bride’s bouquet. Moreover, as evidenced by the record, it is not
just caught what was falling right into her hands, and had a maximum
efforts. And grasping, finally, the coveted object that sped away faster than a deer.

Then Perry commented on
actions: “I know how to value friendship, but run away from love, which I have…” what
Orlando bloom said, her comment: “You can, of course, to try to escape, but
you can’t hide from yourself!”

In fact, Katie and Orlando parted in
March last year, in that time not once gave a reason to talk about what they
together again. They are not seen together in restaurants, on the beaches. To
example, last month they had a wonderful vacation together in the Maldives. Thus, although both tried to meet with
new partners this yet nothing happened.

Incidentally, in a recent interview, Katie
shared an unexpected confession: she stated that she plans to marry
and have a baby. “I’m going in the near future to start a family. But before that I
need to practice a bit more “spiritual surgery” in order not to transfer its
problem child!” — said Cathy.

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