Участник шоу «Песни» оказался провидцем
Peter Boers wrote the track that became the anthem of the newborn penguins.

Photo: TNT

The publication of the first edition of the show “Songs” on TNT was associated with a funny story. One of the participants of the project — Peter Boers, performed before the strict judges a song of his own composition, entitled “Penguin”. The vocals and creativity of the young singer was not struck by the jury. Neither Timothy nor Maxim Fadeev nor Garik Martirosyan gave his voice to Peter. However, his track “will to live” and beyond.

As it turned out, before the performance of Burov in Moscow zoo had four Chicks of the rare species of penguin Humboldt. And now his song became the anthem of the newborn penguin! However, as it turned out, the singer wrote a song for his favorite girl, but she has no objection to such an amazing turn.

“I didn’t know anything about penguins, speaking on the casting, but it is pleasant, and most importantly – beautiful coincidence — said Burov. I don’t know what it could mean, but apparently my song was just made to give birth to a penguin (laughs). Or it may mean all the penguins of the world are now United in my support”.

In the end, Peter left the project, but their votes in Appendix “TNT-Club” him readily to give the audience — he is now leading in the vote for the return of the participant to the project. If you are an admirer of penguins will remain the leader until the end of auditions and selections, return to “SONGS”, despite the refusal of the producers.

On Saturday on TNT continues casting in the show is “SONGS”. Then participants will have the tough selection, after which the top 20 artists and a winner of “popular vote” is settled in the tower “mercury” in “Moscow-city”, where you will begin the stage of a reality show. Every day professionals from Black Star MALFA and under the guidance of producers will be trained members of the super-stars of the new Russian show business. The audience openly can observe the emergence of artists from the very beginning and observe their improvement on a weekly scale concerts.

The winner of the show “SONGS” will determine the audience of TNT. With the highest number of votes, the member will receive 5 000 000. And the producers of the show personally decide who will sign contracts with their record labels — MALFA and Black Star.