Музыканты группы «Plazma» чуть не погибли в аварии The performers got into an accident on the highway in Ostrogozhskom district of the Voronezh region. Men were returning from a concert of the Voronezh and went to another city. However, bad weather prevented the artists to cope with the management led to the collision with another car.

      Roman and Maxim Chernitsyn Sheets of the group “Plazma” almost died in the Voronezh region. Artists were traveling to the city of Alekseevka, where he planned to give a concert, but from the outset poor visibility on the road prevented the stars quickly get to your destination. Due to the deterioration of weather conditions the car of artists collided with another vehicle. The singers had to swerve and their car flew into the ditch.

      Because of the incident the car of the group “Plazma” was faulty and they had to leave him. The performers admitted that they themselves miraculously remained intact. If they originally did not care about their safety, the situation could take a more tragic outcome.

      “We went to a concert in the city of Alekseevka, when he was in the accident. We have not received any injuries because you were wearing, if it wasn’t, everything would have ended much worse. However, the car suffered very much,” – said the musicians.

      It should be noted that the stars moved on their own transport Maxim Sheets. Due to the fact that the car has made a strong fall from two meters, now it can not be restored. After the incident, the men had to wait for a ride where they have been able to get to the destination. Max and Roman were forced to leave the car on the spot, because no way to move they are unable. Some time later, the car was evacuated.

      Musicians, apparently, does not regret the loss of the vehicle, because they themselves were alive and whole. Artists escaped minor injuries. Fans had no idea that a few hours after her statement could happen. The team played enchanting the program in Voronezh and then moved to other cities of Russia.