Sergey Bezrukov marks the first anniversary of little girl

Сергей Безруков отмечает первый юбилей маленькой дочки The actor shared a touching family photo. The successor of Sergei Bezrukov and his wife Anna matison Masha was five months. The happy father said that the baby’s favorite activity – to watch the fish in the aquarium.

      For famous Russian actor Sergei Bezrukov summer of this year was perhaps one of the most beautiful in life. July 4, the actor became a father of a charming daughter Masha, given to him by his wife, stage Director Anna matison.

      Usually prefer not to tell the public about the details of family life, Sergei Bezrukov after the birth of Masha has become distinctly more open. Albeit infrequently, but he shares photos of baby in microblogging, each time causing a storm of enthusiasm among his fans. Sergey Bezrukov has shared a new picture of little girl

      So on Sunday, 4 December, the day when she turned five months, star dad shared her new picture. The baby sits on the lap of mom and with undisguised admiration, which is only available to babies her age, watching fish in an aquarium. Little hand raised up as if Maria shows everyone how much she is already months old.

      “Machines TV! Us today five months. Here!”, – signed the happy father of Sergey Bezrukov.

      Touching the frame of the furor among the subscribers of a famous actor. “How nice, sweet girl, What a lovely TV! Congratulations!”, “The most wonderful picture!”, “What a sweet palm”, “Hooray! With the first anniversary”, “Five – a class! Bellusci! And the TV is just great u mashenki, colorful!”, “Congratulations! Many and many years! Health daughter! God Bless!”, “A wonderful miracle! Congratulations Masha! To grow healthy for the joy of parents Sergey and Anna!”, “Yes! High five from us!” “This would be a television in every home. Congratulations to your entire family with beautiful Masha!”, such positive and happy comments leave a fans of Sergei Bezrukov under his post.

      By the way, the little Mary from the first months of life immersed in the world of cinema. Not so long ago in the capital began shooting the Comedy “Rogue”, Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov working on a film together. She – as a Director, he is the producer of the film. Involved in the project and daughter of celebrities, however, Mary visited the site, so far only as places for walking. The company the little girl is her grandmother – the mother of Sergei Bezrukov Natalia.