The adventure of the dancing millionaire in Russia

Приключения танцующего миллионера в России

Italian dancing millionaire Gianluca Vacca held in Moscow a few days.

This summer, a burning Italian blew up the social network with their dancing. Especially popular Wakka was in Russia. Naturally, our journalists could not pass by such a sensation. And now Gianluca arrived to Moscow for the recording of the program “Let speak” and informed the show’s host Andrey Malakhov visited the Vacca and his wife Georgia Garbiele.

It all started with the fact that on his page in Instagram Malakhov shared a video in which he, Gianluca and Georgia are dancing together. And on the shoulders of girls paloposki a handkerchief, and in the hands of Wakka spoons, painted Khokhloma. As it turned out, she has explored the house of a millionaire (and we will soon see in all its glory!), and then invited Gianluca and his wife in Moscow and made them the heroes of the program “Let them talk”.

The fact that everyone was expecting, but were afraid to ask! Only Let it be said : star #instagram @gianlucavacchi Coming up soon: all about his lifestyle! Stay tuned!

Video posted @malakhov007 Sep 30 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT

The pair flew to the capital on a private jet and stayed in one of the most expensive hotels, the Four Seasons, of course in a Suite. And then the couple went to the recording of the most famous talk show in the country. In honor of this event in the Studio Malakhov river reached the stars of show business.

Gianlucca of Vacca, Spasiboo the first channel and personally to Andrey Malakhov @malakhov007 for this incredible surprise!!! My gentle suit from @Byalenadementeva_msk Earrings and blouse from #angelescymbalta #adnaklasniki #Janukovicha #metacrylate #ballycanal #Malakhov #andramanov #postSoviet

Video posted by ANNA KALASHNIKOVA (@annakalash) Oct 14 2016 3:19 PDT

The program was attended by ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova, she had the honor of dancing with Gianluca to the accordion! The girl immediately forgot about his pain and Prokhor fell under the charm of a millionaire.

“Was invited to broadcast, because of more than 40 Russian stars Gianluca picked me! Touching! Nice! Cute! Creeps up! I admire his dancing, movement and love of life! Wonderful, positive person!” – wrote Anna.

Could not miss this show and Ksenia Borodina. Leading without false modesty, said that not only is she a fan of the Vacca, but he signed it.

“Very nice couple. Were invited because they signed for me, which is doubly nice, love you and continue to delight us with their dancing”, – said Ksenia millionaire and his wife.

And the actress Ekaterina arharova – ex-wife Marat Basharova and even admitted that Gianluca actually her oldest friend. Star gave the millionaire a tour of the city, and then the company went to dinner at the restaurant “Dr. Zhivago”.

“The dancing millionaire, he’s my old friend Gianluca Vacca for the first time visited Moscow, wrote Kate. Of course I showed all the sights of our capital, but… after the recording of “Let them talk” it was late, and the Red square we never got. It turns out that access to Lenin is now closed at night”.

But the next day after the broadcast of Vacca and Georgia catch up and still walked around red square and, judging by the happy faces, the Moscow hospitality they had in mind.

A detailed report about the adventures of Italians in Russia, we should see this week the program “Let them talk”.