The security guard prevented an attempt on Jolie

Охранник предотвратил покушение на Джоли

Former “bodyguard” mark Billingham first noticed that the actress appeared obsessive fan.

Jolie has always captured the attention to his person. And along with million-strong army of fans have “Lara Croft” and detractors. A former bodyguard Angie mark Billingham told how already once saved her life.

For the first time, Bellingham noticed a suspicious stranger near the actress on the set. The guy attended all the shooting days, which involved Angie and asked her to sign photos.

The bodyguard insisted that Jolie signed on images without leaving the car. And when she saw the photographs, she exclaimed that some of them are very personal. At this moment the stranger and disappeared. However, a few days later he again noticed around the hotel room.

Bodyguard called the police, and the Stalker was arrested.

“It really reminded me of the story of the murder of John Lennon. He (the stranger. – Approx. ed.) been in a frame”, – commented on the situation, Billingham edition of the Sun.

In addition, according to the security guard, security guard pitt has always worried more than Angie.

“People love it, but I hate it,” he added.

Recall, the divorce one of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood became known a few months ago. The first statement was filed, Angie, pointing to the graph of reasons – irreconcilable differences. However, as it turned out, the spouses are unable to agree on parenting issues.