Beyonce worked the concert, despite the injury

Бейонсе отработала концерт, несмотря на травму
The singer amazed fans with their courage.

Бейонсе отработала концерт, несмотря на травму



During a recent show Beyonce in new York
35-year-old singer shocked the audience with her vitality and professionalism. Although the star
received during the execution of the next song painful injury, she even
has not lost a beat and never for a moment interrupted his speech. About it
told reporter

The audience of a concert in the Barclays Centre witnessed courageous
behavior beyoncé. It all started with the fact that that night the singer went on stage
dressed in an extremely outfit, and unfamiliar to her hair.
Almost transparent stage costume, the stars were profusely embroidered with large rhinestones on the hands adorned
many bracelets, and hair was braided in a long braid. No one had
notice that some part of her dress or braid got caught in the
vigorous dance for her earring… the Result was disastrous: massive
the decoration was literally torn out of the ear beyoncé.

The audience sitting in the hall, instantly
sympathy for the singer, after all, girls know how painful
may be this seems to be a minor injury. The neck of the singer flowed a trickle of blood, but Beyonce
didn’t even think to interrupt his show. She’s on the move erased the blood and continued
the dance… the Audience rewarded the singer with applause and shouts
delight, deciding that such resistance may be the only real