Что будут делить Петросян и Степаненко при разводе Elena Stepanenko addressed in Hamovnichesky court of capital with the claim. Rumor has it that in the family of famous comedians have not everything went smoothly. Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has told, what will the actors in the event of divorce.
Что будут делить Петросян и Степаненко при разводе

Recently in the press service of the Hamovnichesky court, confirmed that Elena Stepanenko has addressed with the claim about section of property. Many repeatedly said that in the family of Yevgeny Petrosyan is not as smooth as it seems at first glance. The artist attributed a long-term relationship with his assistant, but he only laughed at these arguments in his address. But occasionally pop up different

Honored artist Yevgeny Petrosyan later commented that he and his wife still divorced.

“A certain stage of life together is complete, but mutual respect, civility, mutual support and creative collaboration between me and Elena G., I hope, will continue,” — said the artist.

It turned out that in the lawsuit Stepanenko has indicated that he wants to get 80% of jointly acquired property. According to the journalists, the amount of jointly acquired property is 1.5 billion rubles.

The couple lived together for about thirty years. According to the latest data, during this time, they had several apartments in Moscow, which are located at the following addresses: in the First Zachatevsky lane (two apartments on different floors), Sechenovskiy, Vspolny alley, at Plyushchikha on the smolna street. Also a couple owns two houses, multiple cars. Most of the property recorded in Eugene Vaganovich, Stepanenko only house in Lyubertsy. In addition, Petrosyan completely owns the rights to the project “Distorting mirror”, which enjoyed great popularity. A well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has clarified the situation and said, what will each of the comedians in the event of divorce.

“All that is acquired in lawful wedlock, in the case of divorce, couples will be divided in half, regardless of what someone recorded. If there is a prenup, the division of property will occur at its points. It is also necessary to consider the following caveat: if the funds that purchase assets in the marriage, was earned by him, that is a different story,” said Dobrovinsky “StarHit” and noted that it already knows about the situation in the family of Petrosian.

Spouses is reluctant to get in touch or share with the press details of the situation. Perhaps something will become clear after the trial, which will take place on the sixth of August. Vladimir Vinokur stood up for colleagues on stage and asked the public not to get involved in the story of Eugene Vaganovich and his wife. “I am categorically against media interference in the personal Affairs of two people. Who they are, what they share is their own business,” said winokur. The artist also added that he does not intend to comment on what is happening in the family of Petrosian, as it is in friendly relations with the couple.

Previously “StarHit” was aware of the problems in their family, but they did not comment on the rumors.

Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko divide the property through the courts