Katya Semenova candidly about life after divorce: “my ex-husband do not communicate and have no regrets”

Катя Семенова откровенно о жизни после развода: «С бывшим мужем не общаюсь, и ни о чем не жалею» Katya Semenova admitted that I’m absolutely happy and no regrets about the divorce with ex-husband Michael, Tereshenko. Now the artist is working on another album, which will be the embodiment of a new page in her life.
Катя Семенова откровенно о жизни после развода: «С бывшим мужем не общаюсь, и ни о чем не жалею»

News about the divorce of a popular singer Katya Semenova and humorist Michael Tereshenko sounded like thunder from a clear sky at the end of last year. Then 57-year-old actress admitted that for a long time imitated the family reunion, wanting to hide systematic adultery.

Now, six months later, after the divorce, Semenova perfectly happy in the status of a single woman. She said that not communicating with your ex-husband is not interested in his new life.

Katya Semenova about the divorce with her husband: “I copied everything on it, I don’t want”

“My personal life is wonderful, but it is really very personal. My ex-husband I do not talk, and in any case will not do. That he’s going on the love front, don’t know — it is now not my concern. Disputes over property and money is. We broke up peacefully, as I gave it to him”, — said the actress “StarHit”.
Катя Семенова откровенно о жизни после развода: «С бывшим мужем не общаюсь, и ни о чем не жалею»

Recall that Catherine and Michael were together for 25 years. In numerous interviews, the singer admitted that I’m incredibly grateful to my husband for his support and understanding. For the sake of Tereshenko Semenova even lowered the creative activity and has become much less likely to act. And only in December 2017, she admitted that we loved for a long time was the other woman.

After the divorce, Semenova have changed incredibly. The singer has blossomed, changed my hair and style in clothes. Fans do not get tired to admire the way had a positive impact on her painful divorce. And Catherine herself does not deny: she opened absolutely new page of life.

“Soon my album, it will be called “I’m awesome”. This is a stunning album, and the cover it will be appropriate. I finally appear on the cover of his own album! Well, and the songs will reflect my new life,” — said Semyonov.

According to star, she’s been working on the album, and now wants to present it. Over the past year in the life of Semenova has seen so many events that it definitely has something to tell fans.

But the changes in his personal life, the actress refuses to talk. According to Catherine, she doesn’t want to advertise their feelings and experiences. Fans hope that the new songs the stars will tell much about what is now living popular artist. They believe that it is transformed beyond recognition Semenova long alone, and soon will meet their happiness.