Илья Яббаров расстался с беременной Аленой Рапунцель из-за тещи Party “House-2” has announced its final break with Alena Rapunzel. Man does not bother the fact that Alena was pregnant with his child. The incident Yabbarov accused not only the former lover, but also her mother.
Илья Яббаров расстался с беременной Аленой Рапунцель из-за тещи

Mother, sisters Rapunzel, which became popular thanks to the project “DOM-2”, Tatyana has suffered from the husband of the eldest daughter of Dmitry Dmitrenko/ Once he nearly strangled a woman to death in a fit of aggression. Now she holds a grudge Ilya Yabbarov, recently broke up with Alice’s Rapunzel. Ilya sure mom is Alena contributed to their breakup.

While Yabbarov not remove the blame from himself and the former favorite for the incident. The man, who in the eyes of many anti-hero, is now asking the public about one thing: not to criticize him ahead of time, because very few people know what really happened.

“You all ask that we have with Alyona Dmitrievna Savkina? I won’t hide between the point forever, we will never be together! It was our decision. What’s between us? We mom and dad no more… I don’t need to write that we made up and so on. We can’t be together, on many circumstances, with regards to, and her mom Tatyana Vladimirovna, which advises to be Alena a single mother. My first encounter in life with such people, but to insult and comment I’m not going,” said Ilya in his microblog.
Илья Яббаров расстался с беременной Аленой Рапунцель из-за тещи

Alena herself that in the near future will give birth to from Jabbarova seem resigned to the loss and learned to take things calmly. “I see no reason to send all those with whom I am already on the way, in whom a sea of lies and hypocrisy… Prefer to resign or to stay away from them,” said expectant mother in Instagram.

Recall, for a long time, the relationship of Alena and Ilya was very painful. Yabbarov cheat on his girlfriend, Rapunzel had forgiven him under pressure from mom. Precisely Tatyana asked the daughter to be tolerant to the man and to forgive him. But Ilya knew will be gone along with Alice’s, the reason for that, according to the man, the complex nature of girls.

Ilya Yabbarov and Alain Rapunzel reconciled after the scandal about cheating

Илья Яббаров расстался с беременной Аленой Рапунцель из-за тещи“We have Alyona’s nothing there, nothing happens. What do I do? To suffer, to cry? It took me ten days. You can’t build a normal dialogue, like adults. Anything can happen in the family, but normal people normally leave. Moreover, we have a child. I will do everything for the child. But if we can find a common language — don’t know,” spoke Yabbarov recently.