Татьяна Васильева в купальнике стала примером вечной молодости
69-year-old actress showed figure in a bikini.

Tatiana Vasilieva

Photo: @stassadal Instagram Stanislav Sadalsky

This summer there was a real boom in undressed celebrities who are over 45 years old. Now in their ranks appeared and Tatiana Vasilyeva, the bikini which recently appeared in the Network. 69-year-old actress in a bikini photographed Stanislav Sadalsky, published a picture in his microblog. For many years, they played together in antrepriznyh performances and toured halfway around the world from Sakhalin to Israel. Now the star couple is in the Crimea, where the picture was taken.

“Say, eternal youth is impossible! But Tatyana Vasilyeva refutes this assertion. Well, you see, the girl is right!” — did compliment it Tatiana.

Most members agreed that Vasileva really does look great for his age. In maintaining the shape help her training in the gym. However, Tatiana does not hide her love for plastic surgery, so it is possible that such a body is also a result of the work of surgeons.

I must say that the photo is appreciated not all fans. Many thought that at this age already it is indecent to wear two-piece bikini and so to open your body.

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