Елена Летучая показала супер откровенный наряд невесты
TV presenter blasted the Network on Twitter.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena Letuchaya continues to intrigue my wedding fans. After all the fans of the TV presenter managed to congratulate her in with an already established marriage, Elena has published a mysterious picture in a super candid wedding attire by the pool. Instead of the traditional photos of the celebration of the Volatile showed a self-portrait in the “swimsuit brides”.

“This little bride wedding dress and shoes with a bouquet. Without a wedding swimsuit in this case not do!” — she wrote. The leg of the TV stars in the pictures adorned with an elegant lace garter.

As a result, now Fly fans speculated whether marriage, which is recently reported by the media? Maybe Elena chose this outfit for a wedding in Greece? Or she’s just rehearsing, trying in turn wedding outfits? The TV presenter has not commented on my posts and just enjoys relaxing with her lover — see Analogovym.

Recall that the other day in the microblog TV presenter has already appeared the first picture, which as suggested by the media, most likely, was made on the day of the wedding presenter. It Elena appeared before the fans in the bridesmaid dress. The dress is made in your favorite Fly simple style. However, some fans were left a little disappointed with the dress, about which so much was said the star, expecting to see something more spectacular. Incidentally, the photo Helen had left as a signature prayer “our father”.

The trip to Greece was a logical continuation of the recent bachelorette party Bat, which, by the way. was organized on a large scale. The party was held in the presidential Suite of a famous hotel. Goodbye Helena stag gathered her closest girlfriends.

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