Оля, не пой: поклонники освистали Бузову

Leading “House-2” was criticized for vocals and bad English.

As you know, Olga is not only a TV presenter, fashion designer, writer, actress and singer. Together with her husband Dmitry Tarasov Buzova loves to sing karaoke, and some fans even praised.

But it was leading to wipe the composition of the legendary band Queen and obey her in English… I wish she didn’t.

“Do not judge strictly, I’m overwhelmed. The show must go on – my incentive for life! Thanks to my dad, thanks to him I know all the songs by heart Queen,” wrote a leading and posted a video from the St. Petersburg karaoke club.

Yes, the eyes are not deceived, Buzova dared to sing the hit “The show must go on”! And perhaps she already regretted it.

The video attracted more than 5,000 comments, most of which are negative.

“Songs you may know by heart, but to fulfill them do not know. Olga, better to let you write books, singing is definitely not yours,” wrote one.

“That’s self-esteem. Even somehow sorry for her…” added the other.

Do not judge strictly I’m overwhelmed with emotions…sitting in a room, can’t sleep…but my smile still stays on All the love and kindness #Maupiti#camaschella#molytisidae The show must go on my incentive in life! Thanks to my dad, @ibuzov , thanks to him I know all the songs by heart Queen

Video posted by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Aug 20 2016 6:00 PM PDT

Most fans upset is not even the voice of Ollie, of course, quite similar to the vocals of Freddie mercury, as her poor English and the fact that she is so self-obsessed that puts outright failure video.

The fans once again hinted Olga that we ought to be modest and to hide their flaws and not stick out. And another is to learn English, if you want it to sing, and better German!

According to followers of the star, it should look at the repertoire of the band Rammstein, some are inclined to believe that Buzova good will to perform their hit “Du Hast”.

It remains to be seen whether the call Buzova!

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