Татьяна Васильева сможет беспрепятственно встречаться с внуками

Recently, we reported that the famous Russian actress Tatyana Vasilyeva may not see their grandchildren – children of his son, because after the divorce his ex-wife Anastasia Begunova put financial claims and in every meeting with the heirs of the required fee. As it became known, the opinion legman changed, and now allows the ex-relative to see their grandchildren free of charge, that is, a gift.

Recall that Philip, the son of Tatiana, Anastasia has left for another man and soon to give birth to his child. Sources of theatrical environment told journalists that the legman Philip was unfaithful during their marriage, simultaneously managing to spend 350 thousand euros from the family budget.
When between spouses was over, Anastasia.. simply disappeared, taking with him his sons. Philip was in despair, and did not know what to do. After some time the legman showed up and said that the kids are all right, and that they are in Germany, where going to live. There she met a new man and pregnant.
To meet with the children and grandchildren Philip and Tatiana could only pay 200 thousand rubles for the meeting. Shocked by these news and rate the ex-wife of actor despicable in court. The court gave Anastasia and the apartment that the son once gave a famous mother, Philip was left with a house in the suburbs. Legman took their financial requirements meetings with children would be enough for her and 15% of the income of the former husband as alimony.
“From Tatiana Vasilyeva Anastasia does not require money for meeting their grandchildren, now their relationship has improved,” said colleague Anastasia.

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